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#BookReview: Under The Alpha's Protection by Doris O'Connor

Tags: Erotic Romance, paranormal, BDSM


Nikita Ashton and Raoul Saint Germain have been friends for five years, so when Nikita is attacked, there is only one place she can run to—straight into Raoul's arms.

Raoul is the Alpha of his pack and he is furious that the woman he loves has been harmed on his territory. Were it not for the fact that Nikita does not believe in anything even remotely paranormal, his wolf would have claimed her years ago.

Nikita is in need of tender, loving care, not his baser needs that are threatening to overtake him. However, when Nikita admits that she knows about his being in the lifestyle, the Dom in him cannot resist the challenge to make her his submissive.

Blissfully happy in their new Dom/sub relationship, everything changes when Nikita is kidnapped. Can Raoul get to her in time to save her life? 

Kay's Review
Right from the first paragraph you are pulled into an intriguing story that keeps an even pace until the climactic ending.

The scent of blood registered seconds before his sensitive
hearing picked up the sound of her tears and the desperate knocks on
his door. Raoul yanked the headphones out of his ears and jumped off
the treadmill.

Nikita has been attacked by unknown perpetrators and where else will she go but into the arms of the man who's loved her secretly for five years. I totally love that Raoul and Nikita were already so close as friends and I understood the conflict inherent in moving from friends to lovers.

"No, goddammit. No! Get it into your male chauvinistic head
that I do not need your help."
He raised an eyebrow, and she bit her lips and colored again.
An endearing blush that turned her cheeks scarlet and made him want
to kiss her so badly he'd taken two steps toward her before he'd even
"Male, I give you, but chauvinistic? Since when is wanting to
protect the woman I lo … like, being chauvinistic." He'd caught
himself just in time. Fuck, this whole evening was messing with his
brain. She didn't seem to have noticed his slip of the tongue. Instead
she winced and pulled away from the wall in such an awkward
manner that all his protective instincts kicked in at lightning speed

Doris pulls you in with the emotional connection between the two characters and you cheer for them right from the beginning. This connection led to a quick transition from friends to lovers. However, I wasn't sure if I liked Raoul in Dom mode initially. I guess I preferred the angsty, protective Raoul better. LOL

The twist with the villain is nicely done and appeals to the side of me that loves suspense and action in paranormal stories. Nikita turns out to be a kick-ass heroine after all. You'll have to read it to find out how. You'll get no spoilers from me. ;)

Overall, this is a page-turning read that will have you at the edge of your seat, perhaps even squirming a little. I recommend it to fans of paranormal erotic romance.

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Under The Alpha's Protection


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