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#BookReview: Moonshine by @Regina_Bartley #NA #Contemporary

Tags: New Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Innocence taken...
A tragedy happened...
A heart is left broken...
Is love enough to survive?

Shine Craven has to learn this the hard way. One tragic day leaves her questioning her strength and her sanity. She is left fighting an internal battle that she believes can't be won.

Her best friend thinks that he loves her enough to save her, but sometimes sweet words just aren't enough. Once he hears her secret, will he still believe that love will heal her or will the truth be too much for him to handle?

Sometimes when we are faced with such horrible events we force ourselves to overcome, but at what cost? Will he stay or will he go? Find out if love is enough.

Maya's Review

Growing up is difficult. But growing up and having to deal with the consequence of a horrible attack when you feel you can't confide in anyone else especially those who love you, is even more devastating.

This is a well written story about tragedy and loss. It's also about hope and overcoming and most of all, it's about all-enduring love. I enjoyed this story mostly because the author dealt with the issues sympathetically and I connected with the characters on a personal level.

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys new adult romance or novels that deal with human tragedy and survival.

Disclaimer: This book was provided by the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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Regina Bartley

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