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January 2014 #ReadingChallenge Book(s) Of The Month #India

Welcome to January, challengers! I hope you're ready to sample and devour the literary delicacies and banquets on offer throughout this challenge.

If you want to remind yourself of the entire rules and guidelines visit the Around The World In 80 Days Reading Challenge post.

But the basic gist is to travel across the globe by reading books set in different locations. Imagine yourself as the literary Phileas Fogg, travelling from one city to another with each book you read. There are gem awards to collect along the way and a $25 gift card for one lucky winner at the end of the year.

This month we are in Asia, more specifically India.
If you read one or more of the books listed, you will win one of the green continent gems, one yellow book of the month gem, as well as contributing to your total of 80 books.

Here are the selection of books of the month for the reading challenge:

Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Location: Ayemenem, India

Genre: Historical Fiction
Location: India

Genre: Romantic Fiction
Location: India

Genre: Erotic Romantic Fiction
Location: India

Please note that you don't have to read all 4 books to win a yellow gem. Just reading one is enough to qualify. Feel free to read more than one of them if they all appeal to you.

Once you've read you book(s), add the link to your book review in the linky below or add it to the comments. I look forward to seeing what you think about the books. Let the reading commence!

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  1. Nice one, Maya. I've been hoping to read The God of Small Things for a while. Now I have reason to read it. The others look good too. Hopefully I can read one or two of the others too.

  2. I live in India and I've read two of these. I have some Indian fiction in my TBR pile so I'll get started on that.....

  3. Just found The God of Small Things through my libraries kindle library! Very exciting!

  4. I chose the Bollywood book. On a romance kick.

  5. Congratulations to Shonna, who kicks off the month's reading challenge with her book links. Please stop by her blog and read her reviews.

    1. Thanks for the congratulations! I'm trying to find a copy of Heat and Dust which looks interesting.

  6. I added the link to my update post, with all reviews for the month.

  7. should not the books read be slightly similar to the list above? most books are very random. the whole idea of such reading challenges is to acquaint oneself with different cultures, socio-political set ups through books set in varied countries. reading random chic lit, pulp fiction may not serve the same purpose. also no benchmark can be maintained of the kind of books being read.

  8. When will the reading list for feb put up? looking forward to it.


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