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#BookReview When Love Calls by @Anja_Pruitt #Contemporary #WomensFiction

Tags: Contemporary Romance, Multicultural


Somewhere between Josh and Mike I lost my panties. I didn’t plan it but shit happens and this time it happened to me. Together they are the perfect mix of sweet and savory and equally delicious. How’s a girl supposed to choose between what teases her pallet and what tugs at her heart?

Maya's Review

To start off I have to say that for a debut novel, this author wrote a good job with likeable drawn out characters and an engaging story line.

I connected with Erin from the get-go and understood her reluctance to commit to just one guy. Of course some of her choices may not be ones I'd make but I could empathise with her frame of mind. I also connected with her yearning to have her own family and the realisaton that she would have to change her behaviour if that was ever goign to happen.

And just when she's going 'straight' two men come along, Mike and Josh, both yummy and tempting in their own ways and also with their own baggages. And of course she has to make a choice.

This is a great story and I enjoyed this author's voice. It is well written and has some life lessons for us all as well as entertaining too.

Disclaimer: This book was provided by the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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When Love Calls

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