July 2014 #ReadingChallenge Book(s) of the Month #SouthAmerica #Brazil

Welcome to July, ROW80Books Challengers!

We're half way through the year. Yay! Are you halfway through your reading challenge?

Well done to everyone who read a book in June and added the link to the June post. And an even bigger congratulations to those who read one of the books of the month. I hope you all enjoyed reading a story set in Africa?

Here are the June Book of the Month award winners:
Shreyas - Palace Walk
Kiru  - Midwife to Destiny
Maya - Midwife to Destiny

If I missed you out, make sure you add your book review link to June's post.

Here are the Africa continent award winners:


Congratulations! If you've read a book set in Africa and I haven't listed your name, please let me know.

For July, we're heading down to South America and there's a special bonus point for anyone who reads a book set in Brazil. 

Here are the Books of the Month options:

Feel free to suggest any other books set in South America. Happy Reading.

Add your Around the World in 80 books review links here:

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South America


  1. Does it count if I bought "The Palm Oil Stain"? Lol.

    1. Hahahaha...Nice try, Nana, but no it doesn't count. You actually have to read it. It's a reading challenge not a buying challenge. LOL


  2. The link to reviews seems to be missing

  3. My July update post


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