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A deal was made centuries ago. 

The deal was for the first born in each generation. 

The soul of that woman was owned from birth by the ultimate beast.

The Devil. 

Elizabeth Cromwell knew growing up that she was different. The day her parents failing business suddenly took a turn for the better in an economy where it shouldn’t have. She was told of her fate. She was owned by the Devil. From the day of her birth she had no future. 

It was his. 

Unwilling to give into the rough seductions of the ultimate evil—she ran. Living in a convent in the secluded town of Neive, Italy, with only the aid of faceless man over the computer—she hides. 

Until the day he finds her. 

Sex. Lies. Betrayal. 

The fight for her Soul and future begins now. 

*This story is not for the faint of heart. This is considered a Dark Romance between two people that should never happen. It contains content which may be deemed inappropriate for some readers.*

Genre: Dark Erotica 

Age Group: 18+

Kay's Review

First, I've got to say this book is not for the faint-hearted or easily offended. It is dark romance that will make you queasy in places and with regards to its blasphemic (is that a word?) references.

That said, this is a well-written story. I really loved Elizabeth and her fight to break the deal made by her fore-fathers to giveaway their first born daughters to the devil in exchange for wealth. Unlike her fore-bears, Elizabeth doesn't want to be used as the devil's whore, even though he promises to make her his queen. And I don't blame her. No matter how tempting the man or devil, nothing beats being able to choose who you give your body and heart to.

Asmodeus is a tempting as they come and also as devious. He uses several ruses to try to get Elizabeth to succumb, including the nuns who were supposed to be giving her shelter. I felt a whole lot better when I realised the nuns were never really true nuns, otherwise it would have been a little bit too far for me. 

Did I like Asmodeus? No? But I liked that we got to see things from his point-of-view too. Do I want Elizabeth to get away from him? Yes. But I fear it might be a little too late and that she is already lost to him. The devil is very devious and he would use whatever means to get her. Even using charm and seduction as opposed to force.

But we will have to wait for the next book to find out. Yep, this ends on a cliff-hanger.
Anyhow, I'm hooked and I can't wait. A solid read.

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Excerpt 1: 
He took her hand in his and started to guide her away from the railing. Down a few short halls and onto a terrace that still kept the valley in sight but had vines of grapes on trellises overlooking the beauty that lied to her in this moment.
“No, it’s not you.”
He stopped moving to turn towards her. His eyes looked upon her, curious, with that panty-melting grin that made her take a step back, but he nudged her back into his body. “You are evil,” she whispered. Her voice trembled on her words. “You are the definition of what people fear under their beds. Why kids can’t leave the closet door open at night. You are the reason women can’t walk alone on a darkened street. There is nothing about this that is real. It is a joke, a mirage in the dry, desolate desert that is my fucking life.”
She wanted to sob. Curl up in a ball and give in and just end this all right now. How the fuck was she going to beat him?
His hand gripped the back of her neck and yanked her in close. She sucked in a breath, her gaze darting to meet his as she leaned in close. Asmodeus’s lips glazed over her cheek, her eyelids, down her nose.
“So melodramatic,” he purred.
Elizabeth tried to get free of his arms, but he held fast.
“I want to leave,” she whimpered.
Oh, lovely, sound more weak and off your game.
His fingers fisted in her hair. He gave a firm yank and it arched her neck and brought her chest flush against his. Asmodeus flicked his tongue out over her lips, his voice low. The deep timber kicked up her heart rate as he punched against her ribcage.
“You see, I don’t want to leave. I actually want to eat your pussy, while you’re spread out on the dinner table for me and screaming. I want the owners and tourists to watch this. I want people to see me fuck you—hard. I want the world to know I own you, and you’re MINE!” He snarled the last word.
She let out a squeal and her legs turned to jelly. He held her up against him, and she could feel the hard press of his erection against her belly.
Asmodeus nuzzled her neck. His laughter vibrated through her insides. Elizabeth’s eyes rolled back, and her body betrayed her quickly. Her pussy grew moist and her clit throbbed between her thighs.
“I don’t,” she panted.
“Really?” he dared her. His voice was laced with amusement. “We shall see about that. No more illusions and dreams, sweet one.”
He moved quickly. Asmodeus picked her up, gripping her ass and tossing her roughly on top of one of the tables. The sounds of glass shattering and heavy silverware clattering to the concrete ground filled her ears. Panic set in as she started to fight back. Elizabeth caught her bearings, slapping at him, her fingers clawing as she tried to keep him away from her. It was one thing to accept the dreams, the fake realities he imprinted in her mind. But to really allow him to do things to her—in public.
The flat of her hand came up hard and fast.
She connected clean with his face. Elizabeth hissed as the heated pain coated her palm. Asmodeus paused, glaring down at her. He didn’t stop as he managed to get her jeans unbuttoned and zip down. In one quick fluid motion they were down around her ankles. He shoved his body between her thighs, stretching her open. She shoved at his chest. His nose touched hers and he snarled.

Excerpt 2: 
“She said he came to her. Ms. Cromwell crashed into me in the halls in hysterics, claiming she saw you both debauched and at the control of HIM.” The mother superior’s firm voice belied her model-like looks.
Mother Superior Theresa, ever the strict school ma’am, nodded towards Sister Margaret setting up hymnals in the pews.
“I’m sorry, mother. We were in no such state. That means─”
“He got in.”
Elizabeth’s whole body froze and she reared back away from the comfort of the arms around her. They made an attempt at restraining her as she collided with the pews and they were sent screeching against the stone flooring.
“GET IT! It’s him! Please! Stop! Don’t you dare come any fucking closer!” she warned.
The devil swaggered towards her. A smug smirk decorated his ridiculously handsome face as she came to stand next to the sisters and the priest.
“Please, Elizabeth. This is Father Samuel. He is not the man who searches for you. Why would we let him in a house of God? Please child, he is here to help. Come.”
Elizabeth shook her head. Her fear melted away into determination as she righted her spine and stood tall in the face of her imminent capture.
“I’m not calming down. I’m not going with him. None of you can make me.”
Father Samuel held up a hand towards Theresa.
“Please, let me. I understand her fear.” The dark glimmer in his gaze pinned her to the spot.
Unlike before, she could move if she wanted. The thing was, she didn’t want to. His eyes willed her to listen to him and she slowly lowered herself to sit.
“He has invaded your mind, my sweet Elizabeth.”
She jerked at the endearment.
“No, you─” Elizabeth jumped up in her seat and pointed an accusatory finger toward him.
She dared to stab him with said finger. It did nothing. The solid steel of his chest was unharmed and unmoved.
“No one else calls me that! Only HE called me that! You will not have me, you sick fucking evil bastard! I will not be yours to rape and discard! Get the fuck out of here or I will! I’m going to find a way out! Do you understand me?” With each exclamation she stabbed her finger into his powerful chest. She could feel the heat and muscle ripple against her now sore fingertip.


Bonnie Bliss is the brain child of two authors. Bonnie is a husband and wife duo who have come together to weave stories of passion, action, betrayal, and ultimate surrender. They have discovered that mixing genres is their thing. Their tastes go dark, and they love to twist up sweet stories and make them a bit more tense and sexy. Bonnie writes in multiple genres with plans to dabble into more areas of fiction. 

One is a Southern California native, the other was born and raised in Yorkshire, England. The husband spends his time giving the wife alpha males with bite. He is a man that needs to see his world in print. He has a panty melting accent, loves listening to music, watching Game of Thrones, and obsessing over Heisenberg. The wife spends her time writing strong women that evolve into their power, they don’t just come out guns blazing. She claims the song California Girls, by Katy Perry is totally accurate. She’s done everything from waitressing, customer service phone rep., Corporate Real Estate, and spent a pretty impressive part of her life working for the Disney Corporation—before finding her way into the publishing world with her husband.

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Kay's Review


  1. Ooh! This looks hot, Kay. Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to read and review Crave! Part 2 is on the way!


    1. You are welcome, Bonnie. Hurry up with part 2. :-)


  3. Hmm... looks like a good read. Thank you for the review, I may add this to my reading list as I really enjoy this genre.


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