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#ShowSomeLove #Giveaway #BookReview Intervention by @MiaKerick YA Romance

Welcome to the Show Some Love Blog Hop hosted by We Love Kink. It runs from February 12 to 16.

Over here we're showing some love for one of our favourite books, Intervention by Mia Kerick.

Audio book
Intervention by Mia Kerick
Publisher: Harmony Ink 
Narration: Tristan Wright
Genre: Young Adult / GLBT / Romance


As a musician at the popular college café Coed Joe’s, high school senior Kai Manter is never lacking for male attention. Out, proud, free-spirited, and sexually aware, Kai sets his sights on his darkly Gothic and undeniably bad-tempered coworker, Jamie Arlotta, a freshman at the local arts university. Sporting long hair and alluring hippie style, Kai expects his interest will be reciprocated, with satisfying sex as the end goal. That’s what usually happens. But Jamie’s lessons in life have been harsher. Having been sexually abused by his older stepbrother for several years, Jamie has grown an impenetrable outer shell meant to keep the world at a safe distance.

Kai is angry at first when he takes the brunt of Jamie’s bad temper, but after Kai accidentally discovers the abuse Jamie has suffered, he wants to fix things. Kai’s plan is based on what he knows best—music—and he stages a “musical intervention” to let Jamie know he’s not alone and things can get better. When Jamie’s perspective changes and he emerges from his shell, Kai changes, too, gaining a whole new understanding of what sex can be when love is there too.

You can read the first chapter on Mia Kerick’s website: http://miakerick.com/books/young-adult/intervention/

Kay's Review

I really enjoyed listening to this brilliant audio book. Kai is a very out there, confident young man who knows what he wants out of life and isn't afraid of going for it. He's all about having fun. But when he makes a pass at Jamie and gets a bad-tempered response, he doesn't know what to do about the rebuff. Jamie is on a different spectrum from Kai, He is closed off to people and dealing with abuse. He would really rather keep Kai and the rest of the worls at arms length.

I loved that once Kai discovered what was going on he decided to do something about it the only way he knew how, through music. I loved the tracks he picked out and played as they were well thought out perhaps even more though went into them than his school work.

Eventually Kai manages to peel back Jamie's layers and Jamie learns to trust someone at last. This story deals with a serious issue but it is sensitively written. The narration is faultless in my opinion and I would happily read this author/listen to the narrator again.


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