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Eleven come together with a singular goal--Angels & Sinners #anthology


We’re no angels nor are we sinners, at least not by much. 

We share the flow of words and the keys we touch. 
We’re something in between the pitch and light, 
Lurking in shadows of the night. 
Eleven come together with a singular goal, 
To inspire, to uplift, and to share stories untold. 
These individual stories may bring a rush of lust, 
But also the bond of love and trust. 
A touch of magic with paranormal twists, 
An erotic touch but often romance missed. 
Where all the income earned will have one place to meet, 
For the Peyton Manning Hospital, donations we seek. 

In this collection, you will find excerpts and shorts stories from:

Sapphire by Ashley Suzanne
In Dreams by Heather Mullins
Liberation by Shayne McClendon
In the Arms of an Enemy by Bethany Shaw
My Night With Charming by Breigh Forstner
Frozen Dreams by Cori Williams
Leap of Faith by Bethany Lopez
Office Space by Sara Mack
Connelly’s Horde by D.M. Earl
Frenched by Melanie Harlow


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