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Brilliant, dark mystery -- Fatal Games by @mariwriter #giveaway

Title: Fatal Games
Series: Kate Daniels Mystery
Author:  Mari Hannah
Genre:  Mystery/Detective/Women Sleuths
Publication Date:  April 7, 2015
Publisher:  HarperCollins
Imprint: Witness Impulse
ISBN: 9780062387134
Pages: 416
List Price: 11.99 USD
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In Mari Hannah's brilliant, dark mystery—set on the beautiful and wild Northumberland coast—skeletal remains have been discovered beneath the menacing shadows of Bamburgh Castle's fortified walls, and DCI Kate Daniels must solve her most intriguing case yet
Far from their Newcastle base, DCI Kate Daniels and her team find themselves on the rugged Northumberland coast, working their latest baffling investigation. As a blistering weather front closes in, Kate calls on a forensic anthropologist to help identify the remains of a corpse that has been found by the ancient castle on the barren beach. But the more she delves into the case, the more questions surface.
Meanwhile, newly widowed prison psychologist Emily McCann is lured into the twisted world of convicted sex offender Walter Fearon. As his sinister mind games become increasingly disturbing, is it possible that Kate's case has something to do with his murderous past? With Fearon's release fast approaching, Emily fears what he might have in store for her.
As the body count rises, Kate must scramble to outwit a clever, diabolical killer whose fatal games have only just begun.

Why do you think readers love DCI Kate Daniels?

Although Kate is the senior investigating detective on Northumbria Police’s Murder Investigation Team, she’s also a bit of a maverick who bends the rules on occasions to get the job done. Able to solve crimes using her intellect, not solely relying on high-tech modern methods – CCTV, DNA etc. – she’s also a conflicted individual, torn between her professional ambition and the love of her life. People see her vulnerability and I think they identify with that.

Which of your characters would you like to meet in person and why?

That would have to be Kate . . .
Following her debut in The Murder Wall she was described by one reviewer as: a superb character, and one that we will be meeting again when Hannah’s second novel, Settled Blood, is published later this year. Edgy, stubborn, intensely private, fiercely loyal, a born maverick but still remarkably sensitive to the emotions of the bereaved, the enigmatic Daniels has a promising future both as a police chief and as a literary leading lady.

Kate is her own worst enemy in some ways. On the positive side she cares deeply about others – especially the families of homicide victims – but she puts ‘the job’ above all else to the detriment of her personal life. I’d like to knock some sense into her sometimes but I love writing about her.   

Mari Hannah was born in London and moved north as a child. Her career as a probation officer was cut short when she was injured while on duty, and thereafter she spent several years as a film/television screenwriter. She now lives in Northumberland with her partner, an ex-murder detective. She was the winner of the 2010 Northern Writers’ Award and is a nominee for the 2013 Polari First Book Prize.

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