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#BookReview + #Giveaway The Alpha Match by @LeighArcherBook #romance

English conservationist, Caro Hannah, and South African, Ben Duval, must work together to introduce endangered African wild dogs to a game reserve four years after their love affair ended. The challenges of their profession pale into insignificance beside the personal obstacles they must overcome to either bring closure to the events of four years before, or reignite a passion hot enough to burn up the African bush.
The Alpha Match is the first in a series set in the African bush where luxury tented camps and romantic hideaways are havens for royals, celebrities and the adventurous at heart. The Untamed Safari Series places unforgettable men and women in this captivating setting and holds its breath as they play out their passions. Moonflower, book #2 in the series has just become available for pre-launch order - Moonflower.

Flames from the large barbecue fire had died away, leaving red-glowing coals. A table had been set out on the deck. Everyone had a drink. A relaxed murmur of conversation drifted around them like tendrils of fragrant smoke. The backdrop was a magnificent sunset; a wash of bright orange still high in the sky.
Going to sit on a wooden railing, Caro looked down to the river below. Two zebra had come to the water’s edge to drink. They’d joined steenbok, duiker, a warthog and two blue wildebeest. Caro motioned for the rest of the team to join her. Ben came to stand beside her and for once she was so relaxed that his proximity did not cause an ounce of anxiety.
She gazed out at the African sunset, the animals drinking contentedly below; birds calling out in song as they flew home to their nests for the night. There was so much peace here, as if all was right with the world and there quite simply was no such thing as a problem. Life moved forward here as it had done for thousands of years. It filled Caro with a warm fuzzy feeling. She looked along the line of friends leaning against the rail, and despite the ups and downs of the last month, she was happier than she had been in a long time.
Yes, her mother was right. She hadn’t let go of her anger. It was the part of Ben that she still carried around inside her. Protecting, guarding it jealously, because to give it up would be to say goodbye to him forever. If she’d moved on and married, she would have had to have left Ben behind, and she just couldn’t do that. Part of each of them would always belong to the other. How they would ever fully separate and where it would end she had no idea.
She leaned against Ben. His arm pressed against the small of her back. Would they ever be able to forgive each other? She just didn’t know. He’d taken more from her than any person had a right to. But out here, in this moment, it was so difficult to hold onto all that pain. She and Ben were so small, their battles so petty in this ancient and unchanged landscape. Surrounded by so much peace and beauty, all those swirling and tumbling emotions seemed to still.
Live for the moment. Imprint tonight on your mind. And in a couple of months when you’re back in London, eating a microwave dinner in your flat or when you head off to stomp alone along the shores on the Isle of Man, you’ll be able to close your eyes and bring back the beauty and tranquillity of tonight.

Maya's Review

So Caro and Ben have to work together in reintroducing wild dogs into a game reserve. But they have history together. The breakdown of their relationship previously had been less than pleasant, fueling so much hurt between them bordering on hatred. But they say there's a thin line between love and hate and these two embodied it in this story. Could they be civil enough to each other and work on the project together? Could they ignore the chemistry still lingering between them and walk away unscathed in the end?

What I loved most about this story was the location. The author showed her obvious love for nature and South Africa and I loved being transported out in my imagination on a African safari. Because of the title and cover, I was expecting a higher heat level for this book, but I guess the level matched the characters well. This is certainly a good read and I look forward to more books from this author.

Disclaimer: This book was provided by the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review.
Leigh writes romance novels set in her native South Africa. She has always had a love affair with Africa’s wild open spaces, the intensity of its people and sunsets. Her love of storytelling began as a child when she spent every spare moment playing barefoot in golden grass, watching wild creatures, learning to track spoor and dreaming up heroes and heroines dynamic enough to stand out in all the beauty and drama of the African landscape.
Always in search of adventure, Leigh’s journey as a writer has taken her from journalism through communications, to working as a novelist.

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