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#BookReview Worthy by Kiru Taye #AARomance (Challenge Series #3) @KiruTaye

Some secrets bind you...
Tessa Obum and her best friend, Anuli, are linked by a dark secret that could destroy them if it ever comes to light. Men are just the means to an end and society shuns women like her. But she's determined to live on her terms and own her future. Until an encounter with the intense Peter has her questioning her choices.

Some challenges can break you...
Peter Oranye has never had a challenge he couldn't conquer. Except the death that claimed the only woman he loved. He's been unable to get close to another woman since and his life is focused on growing his business empire. Until Tessa, a sexy bombshell of a woman tumbles into him one night and he's ready to break his abstinence streak.

Getting involved with a woman who won’t let go of her BFF is wrought with dangers, especially when someone else wants to destroy them. When their secrets come to light, will any of them be worthy of the love they crave? 

One of the things I love about this author's books is her ability to hook me with a story and keep me in suspense so that I have to keep turning the pages until the very last one.

In Worthy she manages to deliver on the theme of the series, in a sweet and spicy read underpinned by twists and turns I didn't see coming.

I really can't tell you much about the story without giving away spoilers and I don't want to do that. Tessa has had a difficult life and is making the best of the lemons life has thrown her along with her best friend Anuli when she meets Peter. Peter is so different from all the men she's met previously and he gets under her skin very quickly. She can't trust anyone especially a man but soon she learns that not all men are the same.

Peter is steadfast and sweet, the kind of hero that Tessa needed. I love how he dispatches the a-hole that was harassing Tessa.

All in all, this is beautifully romantic and I'm happy to recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good romantic read.

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Disclaimer: I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book.

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