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Dancing naked around Cupid’s fountain seemed like a good idea…until the law showed up.

Meghan Scott is not a typical school librarian. When her girlfriends convince her to test the Cupid superstition and dance naked around the statue, she reluctantly agrees. Eager to find her soulmate and start a family Meghan reasons, nothing else has worked.

Former professional football player, Max Vandenburg can’t believe his eyes, when he sees Meghan Scott running down the street naked. Seven years ago she broke his heart and did the unthinkable. Rescuing Meghan is the first step in finally learning the truth, but when she refuses to discuss the past, can he charm the real story from her?

When Cupid’s arrow is aimed straight at their hearts, can two high school sweethearts learn everything in the past is not what it seems?


Meghan and Max, even after seven years have not lost the attraction they initially experience in high school. Neither of them want to do anything about it because their past is painful, due to different reasons. As I read the story I kept wondering how such a wonderful relationship could have gone so horribly wrong. And then I get to the point where I learn who was truly to blame for their breakup and it all becomes completely understandable.

The situation Meghan finds herself in, running down the street naked, was laugh out loud (which I did) funny and even though I found the whole dancing around a cupid statue to be crazy, the knowledge about the alcohol they’d consumed and their desperate need for love helped me to suspend my disbelief.

I wasn’t fond of one of the women having her romance in the same book as Meghan because it seemed like filler (I would have liked her to have her own story). And I didn’t care for when one of the sections was written in the perspective of the friend rather than the hero or heroine.

All in all it was an entertaining, quick read which I enjoyed.

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Disclaimer: I volunteered to review this book.

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