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First Love Second Chance by Author Chanta Jefferson Rand
Published by Garden Avenue Press
Contemporary, sports romance


Nine years ago, cornerback and notorious playboy, Colt Emerson, walked away from a perfectly good marriage to the only woman he ever loved. She didn’t belong in his world of glamor and high-stakes opportunities. But now a chance encounter with a runaway teen convinces him there’s more to life than his own selfish needs. Despite his wealth and status, Social Services won’t consider him an acceptable candidate to adopt the kid unless he can provide a stable family environment. There’s only one woman Colt can trust to handle the job—his ex-wife, Shayla. To convince her he's a changed man, he'll have to go hard or go home.

For almost a decade, Shayla Carter has fought feelings of anger, grief, and confusion every time she sees her celebrity ex-husband on TV with some new bimbo draped on his arm. She never imagines the man who filed for divorce after only two months of marriage ever would want anything from her again. So, when he shows up out of the blue with a Texas-sized solitaire and a promise to do right by her, she gives him a reception like hell frozen over. But Colt is persistent, and when he agrees to her long list of demands, Shayla can’t help but wonder if it’s time to give her first love a second chance.

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