Inspirational #BookReview Secret Places Revealed by @PauletteHarper #Romance


He wasn’t looking for love.

She was running from the pain.

One encounter changed everything.

Single—and very content—real estate developer Aaron Blackman is determined not to become involved in another relationship. He’s experienced enough drama to last a lifetime. The only thing garnering his attention now is his growing business. And he plans to keep it that way. Then Simone Herron waltzes into his life, beautiful and confident. Fighting to keep his promise to himself—to remain single—he soon discovers that when it comes to love, some promises must be broken.

After losing her fiancé in an untimely death, Simone Herron relocates. She desperately needs to put the past behind her and start a new chapter in her life. While love is the farthest thing from her mind, she experiences an attraction to the handsome Aaron Blackman that frightens her. She's built a wall around her heart, but can she find the strength and courage she needs to welcome love again? To do so, she must conquer her fears and allow God to put all of her broken pieces back together.


Sometimes you pick up a book and you're not exactly sure what you're going to get especially if the author is new to you. But the fun of reading is the excitement of going on a journey with the characters and discovering something new.

As such this is a wonderful introduction to this author's work. The story-telling is beautifully done as she has created characters that are relatable as well as loveable. Aaron and Simone are not perfect. Then again who is? You want to cheer them on as they grown in their personal lives and there are moment when you feel like sitting them down and having a serious one-to-one about their decisions. The description of each scene draws you in and you feel as if you're watching a TV drama or romantic comedy.

I exhaled a sigh of pleasure at the end of this book. One of my favourite lines and there are many has to be this one:
“I did fly out here to apologize, but I also wanted to see you. I wanted to hold you and kiss you. To tell you I’ve missed you. To tell you I’m sorry. To tell you I love you"
How can you say 'no' to a man who makes such a confession?

Seriously, you have to read this book and fall in love with Simone and Aaron. I did and I loved it.

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Disclaimer: I volunteered to review this book.

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