It is a hint of the forbidden with a twist of passion #UrbanFiction #KindleUnlimited

"This stellar debut series masterfully blends together elements of romance, suspense, savagery and now and again comedy...A page-turner of the highest order." - Kirkus Reviews

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Nard and Empress did not until they met in East Atlanta. The attraction between the two seventeen-year-olds is instantaneous. It is a hint of the forbidden with a twist of passion. On the surface, they seem like complete opposites, but once things are exposed their similarities of juggling double lives becomes impossible as their worlds collide in a life-changing way.

Will Nard's gangsta past come back and haunt the new life he has started with college-bound Empress? Will the love and loyalty Nard has for his woman and gang be his final destruction? Will Empress become unfocused and give into peer pressure? Will Nard let the actions of his best friend Larosa destroy his life? Will Empress proceed with caution like her mother and Miss Mable suggests? Will the two teenager's love survive the madness that surrounds them? Will Empress and Nard’s ambition make it beyond the streets in this raw, romantic tale?

The novel is written from female (Empress) and male (Nard) perspectives. Experience the journey Empress and Nard endure in this three-part series.

The debut novel from Pressure and Empress, Ambition Beyond the Streets: Love and Loyalty has received rave reviews in the urban and young adult teen fiction genres. It is a new addition to the great urban street novel of Ashley & JaQuavis, Jade Jones, Carl Webber and K'wan.

The story of Ambition Beyond the Streets: Love and Loyalty is equally necessary and important as book like The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas, Dear Martin by Nic Stone, The Coldest Winter Ever by Sister Souljah, Piecing Me Together by Renee Watson, and Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds just to name a few.

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Traffic is non-existent as I drive back to my spot after taking Empress home. I lean my seat back as I cruise the streets, recapping the night. I am very impressed and intrigued by this woman. She has one of those faces you will never forget. She is gorgeous. There are many dimensions to her beauty.

Her brown skin glowed all night and fit well with her hazel eyes and dark hair. Throughout the whole night, I was under the spell of her warm, inviting eyes that sparkled with joy. I can’t stop thinkin’ about how smooth her hands are and how amazing her smile is. Kissing Empress was a dream come true because her plump lips are naturally soft. Did I mention how fine she is? I love her tiny frame. Her flat stomach balances out her well-proportioned breast and ass. The gray dress she wore tonight showcased all her curves. She is simply mesmerizing.

Besides her physical attractiveness, her mind has me in awe because she has ambition, unlike a lot of these females out here. She sees beyond the average and wants more. Two great minds like ours will eventually be a force to be reckoned with. Not to mention, she has confidence that oozes out of her pores. She loves herself and others. And she is independent, too. She is a naturally good woman. Nothing about her is forced or fake. She genuinely listened and cared about what I had to say tonight. Now that I think about it, I have got to really like this woman because I exposed a lot of shit about myself tonight. I told her things that I have never expressed to another living soul. Not only was she understanding, but she was also encouraging.

Then I love that she isn't out there. No one knows her as being fast and givin’ the pussy away to everyone. She knows how to carry herself in public due to the self-respect that she has for herself. I also love that she respects others. I find her empathy, curiosity, and open-mindedness so sexy. Then she is not hood, so I don't have to worry about her bringin’ unnecessary drama.

I believe I have found my Queen. She possesses all the right qualities that help sustain a long-term relationship. I wonder how she really feels about me. I just hope I'm not moving too fast for her, but I need her as my woman standing by my side. She has to feel some way about me, or else she would not have asked all those personal questions. I'm afraid of this feeling, but I don't believe I can stop it. This feeling is inevitable.

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