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It is rare to find a comic book with African characters and even rarer to find one with an African female as the lead character and superhero. Add the fact that she is physically challenged and you have an even more special comic book.

And before you say anything. Yes, I'm an adult who reads graphic novels. Get over it. LOL.

Comic books have universal appeal. They take ordinary human being who are simply  getting on with the day to day chores of living and imbue them with superhuman abilities. Except for the aliens, like superman. But as Clark Kent he seems pretty ordinary, doesn't he?

In Karmzah's case, she is an archaeologist researching African artefacts when she unwittingly obtains her powers. I'm not going to spoil your enjoyment of this story by giving spoilers.

But I will say that this is an awesome story any fan of superhero comics will enjoy. There action, adventure and even humour. I love Karmzah's fabulous sense of humour.

In terms of reading experience this was very good. I usually read Kindle graphic novels on my son's tablet for the bigger screen. This one I read on my phone. It helps that I could double tap to enlarge the images meaning I could read frame by frame. The graphics are quite vivid and the colors pop with great storyboarding.

Seriously, if you love comic books, then what are you waiting for? Grab this one.

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Disclaimer: The reviewer bought a copy of this book from HERE

Book Title: Karmzah
Author: Farida Bedwei
Publisher: Leti Arts

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