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Debut author, Erhu Kome Yellow, shares her top five paranormal romance novels.

My top five... 

The Concubine by Elechi Amadi
Twilight by Stephanie Meyer
Bitten by Kelley Armstrong 
The Southern Vampire Mysteries or True Blood by Charlaine Harris 
The Vampire Diaries by L. J. Smith 

There's something unique about each one which makes them stand out above the crowd. 

I don't know if The Concubine counts as a paranormal romance but there are elements of voodoo in it and the talk of a water god. It's by far my favourite romance novel of all time. There's nothing I did not love about this story. The romance between Ekwueme and Ihuoma was so enviable. Ekwueme is McDreamy. He didn't care if the woman he wanted to be with already had three children. He was always ready to help her, to be with her even as she worked and defend her. The way he expressed his feelings for Ihuoma through his words was always so gosh darn passionate. Damn. What a man. Even love potion could not stop his love. 

Twilight is the first vampire novel I ever read, and if you've read the books you cannot deny you were swept away by the beautiful romance between Edward and Bella. Don't deny it. Remember the forest scene where he asked her to open her eyes after running with her? Gold. 
Go Team Edward! 

I don't know how I found Bitten but I'm sure glad I did. A kickass female werewolf, one of her kind, destined to lead the pack? Sign. Me. Up. Her relationship with Clayton, her ex, can start fires. She has got to be my favourite main character. She can fight. She is a natural leader and is crazy smart. But she cannot resist Clayton. It's just futile. 
Also, starting her out already having a fiancé, trying to leave a normal life and in walks in her ex, a sex god, was perfection. 

The Southern Vampire Mysteries popularly known as True Blood made me wish for a lot of things. Lol. I don't blame Sookie for being so confused. When you have vampires like Bill and Eric pining for you, there's bound to be head spins. Despite the gory aspect, True Blood is one of my favourite stories. Go team Eric!

Vampire Diaries is the fun, cute story my sister introduced me to. I didn't really fancy Elena jumping from Damon to Stefan and back again but the writer sure did some good work in the romantic gesture category. And in the paranormal background of the story; witches, vampires, hunters, rituals. I love it. 

Go team Klaus! 

Erhu Kome Yellow is an urhobo author of fantastical stories where gods, mythological creatures and magic come together. 

She has been shortlisted for the Syncity Anthology prize, the Quramo writers prize and featured in Blaud Magazine. Dawsk is her first book, and is currently the Creative Freelance Writers Book of the year.


Hardworking nurse Simisola Oladeji is unlucky in love.
When reclusive billionaire Aiden Essien walks into her life, she knows there will be no future with him and even more so when she stumbles upon his bloodthirsty secret.
She is safer reuniting with her long-lost boyfriend Femi, surely?

Caught between the two, trouble is never far away as she discovers some disturbing truths about her past life. A dark force is rising and the messy trio is going to have to fight, together, to save lives.

DAWSK  is out now and available at these outlets:
Love Africa Press: http://ow.ly/G7vy50uLyG4

Add to Goodreads TBR: http://ow.ly/s2R550uLyG3

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