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Bellissima Donna Crudele by V Vee
Once Upon A Villain book 10
Interracial Historical Romance

Crudelia DeVil’oni is known for her fashion sense. In England, 1897, she sets trends every time she steps foot out of the door. Women want to dress like her, and men want to bed her. She is gorgeous and she knows it. Known for her charitable works with those not of high society, aka "the ton", Crudelia, or "Delia" to her friends, is to be admired.

At least that's what everyone thinks. Crudelia plays at being a good person, but secretly she is a huntress. She spends her evenings hunting animals and taking their pelts to create her furs. When she is exposed for her evil practices, Crudelia think that her life is over... and then she meets Celeste Dubois and is given a second chance.

Determined to turn her life around, Crudelia changes her lifestyle. However, she slips up one day, and winds up getting captured by a pirate who is also living a double life as a duke, when he catches her trying to steal his prized white tiger for its pelt/fur. He steals her and now Crudelia is forced to work on his ship with his men and his daughter, who doesn't idolize Crudelia like so many others.

Crudelia has been given a second chance by Celeste, and now this pirate, the Duke of Devonshire: Abernathy Townsend is giving her the opportunity to become a better person.

And a chance at love.

But will Crudelia take it, or will she return to her wicked, evil, villainous ways?

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V Vee

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