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Heart of the Hun
Once Upon A Villain Book 8
By Love Journey

Large. Powerful. Merciless. Forever the villain.
Men speak of Shan Yu in hushed, fearful whispers under the cloak of night. Rightfully, his reputation proceeds him as the cold and fearless leader of the mighty Hun that bows to no man. Time has hardened the heart of this ruthless killer and nothing matters more than the power and glory of his quest to conquer China.

No mercy - that is the only law that Shan Yu upholds. Until one fateful day, when his life hangs in the balance and a powerful sorceress gifts our brooding warrior with a chance to rewrite his destiny and reunite with the only woman that can capture the dark heart of the Hun.

#OnceUponAVillain - What would happen if your favorite villains had a chance to rewrite their destiny? Would they change for the better? Or would they continue with their wicked ways? Find out this September when ten authors release ten tales featuring some of your favorite bad guys and girls.

Heart of the Hun is part of the Once Upon a Villain Series. Each book in the Once Upon A Villain series is a standalone. This series does not have to be read in order.

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