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Once Upon A Villain, Book 4

Ursula Potts has repented, seen the light, and made a switch from vengeful sea witch to an assertive businesswoman. Almost a century later, she's the number one potions retailer on the East Coast, and it's time to shred her public persona for another identity. As a favor to an associate of hers, Ursula is assessing the life event firm, Harvenheit & Jewelrose.

Tristan Harvenheit is the best life event planner in the business and is looking to expand his reach. To get to the next level, he agrees to plan the life event of one Ursula Potts. Sparks fly at their first meeting—and not all of them the fun kind. However, circumstances change when he finds himself on a blind date at the most important social event of the year with none other than the obstacle in his path—Ursula.

The two need each other to accomplish their goals. Will they come together or will they end up killing one another instead?

Note: Ursa Major is part of the Once Upon a Villain Series and the Paris in Springtime Series. Each book in both series is standalone. These books do not have to be read in order.

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