High-school boyfriend or best friend? Diary of a Wallflower @GloryAbah #Romance #LAPA

Title: Diary of a Wallflower
Author: Glory Abah
Publisher: Love Africa Press
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Release date: August 12, 2019
Tagline: A tough choice to make. High-school boyfriend or best friend?

I have always been a wallflower—too quiet, too shy, with a boring life that revolves only around work and church.

But boring is about to get a twist: Alex, my high school boyfriend, pops back into my life, though he hardly seems to recognise me and appears to like my friend, Chioma. And Simon, my best friend? Seems he has feelings for me!

Did I mention I might still be in love with Alex?

Suddenly, I am thrust into a daunting love triangle … Two choices lie before me: best friend or high school boyfriend?

Do I bury my head in the sand and go for my best friend? Or do I fight for my ex, for a love that was always meant to be, it appears?

What would a wallflower do?


The voice came behind me, but I knew who it was. I knew because my heart jumped, not with fright, but with recognition.
And he sounded just like my Alex, the one I loved, not the hard, grown-up voice he’d been using.
I couldn’t bring myself to turn. My body kept shaking, and my legs turned to jelly instantly.
Say something. Turn, I whispered to myself.
It was happening again. How was it that every time it came to Alex, I’d be reduced to this painfully shy teenager? Why did he have so much power over me?
I cleared my throat because a little green monster had wrapped his hands around my throat, making my throat close up.
“I know you’re waiting for your boyfriend. I just have to ask, do you really not recognise me?”
My heart leaped. He knew me. He hadn’t forgotten.
He hadn’t forgotten.
Turn around. Say something.
Still, I remained immobile.
“You don’t want your boyfriend to know about us, right? Or you just plain don’t remember me?”
Damn it. Say something, Glory. Turn around. Do something. Anything.
I could see Simon walking towards me. Alex must have seen him, too, because he laughed harshly, and then, I felt his hands on my arm.
He pulled my arm and began to lead me towards the generator house, his strides quick and brisk. I followed because somehow, I knew he would have dragged me if I didn’t.
He pulled me to the wall and covered me with his body, placing his hands on the wall beside my head and successfully locking me in.
His face was close—so close, I could see the brown flecks in his eyes. I could smell his musky scent.
“Tell me you really don’t remember me ...”
He was too close, I began to feel overpowered.
“Alex,” I said simply.
I couldn’t say anything else.
Something in his eyes changed. The anger fled, and a new light filled his eyes, like recognition. He knew I hadn’t forgotten.
I looked up at him. Then, his eyes looked down, to my lips.
Suddenly, they felt dry, parched. I brought out my tongue and licked my lips, to wet them.
He made a small sound, then brought his head down, his lips almost touching mine.
My phone suddenly rang, the light flashing in my pocket.
Sanity returned, and we jerked away from each other.

Glory Abah is a die-hard romantic whose head has always been in the clouds. She started reading books from a very young age and finally, decided to pen down the love stories she fantasizes about. She lives in Nigeria and loves to hear from her readers.
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