She's everything he needs | Unacceptable #InterracialRomance Tressie Lockwood #KU

There are two things Jazelle loves in life—her business and her best friend. Although she’s in the friend zone, she would jump at a chance to marry Min Ki. Jazelle wishes for more, but she’s happy—until tragedy strikes. Her best friend is gone, and in his place is his cousin, Joon Park.

Joon could never understand the fun and fulfillment Jazelle and Min Ki had running their furniture refurbishing business. Joon is too serious to be creative, but he’s inherited half of Jazelle’s business. He’s opinionated and stubborn, and Jazelle just wants him gone.

Jazelle isn’t the only one with a broken heart. With time, she learns that Min Ki wasn’t everything she thought he was, and Joon is so much more than she could believe.

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Tressie Lockwood

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