She's determined to start over and leave the past behind #TressieLockwood #IRRomance

Willem betrayed Neena, and Neena betrayed him right back. Then she left town pregnant with his baby. When she returns four years later, she claims her son isn't his. Not even her best friend Shona believes her, but Neena is closed-mouthed about her life while she was gone. She's determined to start over and leave the past behind.

When Willem learns about Neena's son, he's determined to find out if the boy is his. He made mistakes four years ago that he regrets, but he won't let Neena push him away because of them. He will show her what she meant to him then and what she means to him now.

Willem's family didn't stay out of their business four years ago, and they refuse to stay quiet now. Manipulation and interference almost destroyed Neena and Willem. The Visser family is powerful and will do whatever is necessary to protect their own.


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Tressie Lockwood

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