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BOOK REVIEW: Expecting Ty's Baby by Empi Baryeh #romance #Ghana @empibaryeh


What is your favourite thing about reading romance novels?


For me, it's getting to read about the emotional battles characters undertake with each story. Will they break lifetime habits? Will they leave their comfort zones? Will they let their heads rule? Will they allow themselves to fall in love after experiencing hurt?


Finished Expecting Ty's Baby a while back and life just hasn't let me stop long enough to write a review.

We got to experience that emotional tug-of-war through Patricia's POV who is pregnant with Ty's baby but whose past won't allow her trust in a relationship with Ty. It was wonderful to see her accept love.

Also wonderful to see Naaki and Thane from Chancing Faith play key roles in this story.

After reading this I really want to take a trip to Ghana. 😃

I thoroughly recommend this fab #contemporaryromance


Have you read the 'From Ghana With Love' series by Empi Baryeh?




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