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BOOK REVIEW: Her Liberty by Sophia Bernard #romancebooks #Nigeria @Theo_Uchendi

Question: what do you watch when you want a pleasureable escape?
Me: I watch old Nollywood Movies. Not just old, but the ones set in small-town Nigeria/Africa. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the stories set in big cities. But often it feels like they are all set in Lagos or should I say on the Island/Lekki. Sometimes they feel a little too glossy, too sleek. That’s then I want something different and start browsing for alternative stories set in small towns, featuring less sophisticated characters.
The same thing applies with books. I love billionaire romance, especially if it comes with a side of danger. I write the damn things. LOL. But sometimes, I want books set in a dusty town during harmattan, where people walk about in wrappers and slippers and the locals know everybody’s business. LOL.
So, you can imagine my utter delight when I discovered the Hilly Town Alphas series by Sophia T Bernard. Granted, I started with the second book in the series. But I’ve read every new release as it drops because I’m thoroughly hooked.
And the latest one, Her Liberty, delivers on the promise of the series.
Listen, don’t let the series title fool you. The women in the series are STUBBORN, ambitious, protective. They know exactly what they want and they go for it. They give their men a run for their money. In fact, I think they are the alphas alluded to in the series title. There are no wallflowers here. Certainly not Soya, who took the fight to the villain. And swoon worthy Kwesi falls hard and fast for the woman who took his heart by storm.
All in all, this one is a little darker than the other stories and deals with SA trauma. There is also a touch of suspense. The romance is 10/10, and the heat is 🔥🔥🔥 flames. Highly recommended!
PS: That dedication has me in my 🥰🥰. Thank you, Sophia/Theo.
Reviewed by Kiru Taye


Everything good can disappear in the blink of an eye.

For Soya that is what happened. In one night she loses her mother, her little brother, her innocence, and her beauty. A gang of robbers violently takes all of them from her. One of them is still out there, and it is her mission to end his life.

Her body makes his burn with need, but it is her face that calls to him. A scar travels down from below her left eye to her cheek. She thinks it makes her ugly, but Kwesi finds it intriguing.

She is bound to her past, and he is determined to be the one to set her free from it.

Her Liberty is the 4th book in the Hilly Town Alphas Series, but you can read it as a standalone.

I got my copy from Amazon

You can also buy it on Selar



This review left me without words after I read it.

I didn't expect it and that is what made it so much of pleasure.

Hilly Town stories are so dear to my heart, and to have them loved and appreciated by others as well is everything.

Thank you so much, Kiru. I will be talking... ah, no. I will be bragging about this review for the next many days, and driving people crazy. Lol

Kiru Taye
Kiru Taye
May 23
Replying to

You're welcome. Keep writing these wonderful stories and I'll keep reading them. ❤️

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