BOOK REVIEW: Jackson by LaQuette #romance #suspense

It's so great to get my reading mojo back. Here are some books I've enjoyed recently.

Jackson by LaQuette (contemporary romantic suspense, steamy) is a sexy romance laced with tension. Jackson is a Texas Ranger sent to investigate the vandalism occurring at Restoration Ranch owned by Aja. The ranch is a haven for those seeking a second chance and a safe place to heal. But ever since Aja bought the site, someone has been trying to scare her off so she would return to New York. Aja was reluctant to accept help as she thought it wasn’t serious. When she finally does, in steps Jackson and his team. Of course, there is chemistry between Aja and Jackson. But Jackson doesn’t do relationships, and he wants to concentrate on the job. However, as he spends days on the ranch with Aja, they can’t help getting under each other’s skins. There’s no doubt Jackson will catch the culprit. But what will happen once the case is solved. Is he willing to put his heart on the line?

I enjoyed this steamy read with a good balance of romance and suspense. A great start to the series.

Enjoyment: 💖💖💖💖

Angst level: 😩 😩

Heat level: 🔥 🔥 🔥

Originally started reading it via Netgalley. Life happened so I didn't finish before it expired. So I bought a paperback from Waterstones to finish it.

Book also available at Amazon and other bookshops.

Reviewed on behalf of Love Africa Book Club.