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DEEP IN MY SOUL BY AJA Zena Lewis believed in fairy tales as a little girl. She carried those fantasies of a knight in shining armor loving her until eternity, until her ugly separation and divorce from her ex. These days, a man would have to be lucky to get her to smile back at him, let alone give up her number.  Until Rafael Dupré.  Rafael was different. AVAILABLE ON AMAZON ADD ON GOODREADS VIEW TRAILER


“You ready?” He asked.

“Yeah,” I whispered. Ready for what, I wasn’t sure.

He took my hand and I surprised myself by asking if it was okay to sit up front with him.

He stopped walking and turned to look at me intently and I stared back without flinching.

“Yes, chère. It’s fine.”

He helped me in and moments later, we were pulling off. The music he played was lively. Kermit Ruffin’s horn, he explained, came from the speakers. I wanted to care more about what types of music he enjoyed, and what he did in his free time. Instead, I was thinking of how I wanted this man. He had a vibe that I was attracted to and the fact that I needed the type of healing that I felt he could provide me made me want to take a leap. But I needed to get through drinks with Southern Osteo first.

We didn’t speak during the ride, except when he told me we’d be pulling up to my destination momentarily. When he got out, I took that time to decide if I was going to say what’s on my mind. As my hand was swallowed by his and he assisted me out, I decided I would go for it.

“Will you be here to get me?”

“There’d be no way I’d let anyone else pick you up, Zena.”

It was clear, it was in my court. If I wanted him, I could have him.

I damn sure wanted him.

“I shouldn’t be long,” I told him.

“Take all the time you need. I’ll be waiting here for you.”

“You don’t have anything or anyone waiting for you?” I needed to know that before I did what I wanted.

“No one will wonder why I’m out so late, non.”

It was settled then. 

As I turned and made my way into the restaurant he stopped me.

“And Zena, if you change your mind while you’re in there, it’s okay. I’ll understand.”

His patience was endearing but unnecessary. I wanted to tell him it had been a while since I got what I really needed. Tony didn’t count, he was just an easy and hard lay and though that was a wonderful thing on those days I needed it, I was wise enough to know now that Rafael was offering something else. Something that had been missing.

The soul part of lovemaking was missing. He had it, and I knew it.

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ABOUT AJA Aja is the writer of passionate women’s fiction. Her stories allow readers to experience realistic, inspiring and soulful interactions and intense passion while overcoming life’s challenges. She is inspired by soulful music and sensual art to craft her stories. Her published works include the Love & Passion & Love & Redemption series. Her new Soulmates series features heroines who are enigmatic, intuitive and soulful. She's Got Soul released the fall of 2019 and Deep In My Soul is available for pre-order now.