#BookRelease FINE MAPLE by Emem Bassey #Steamy Romance @ememjamesbassey

So excited about this latest steamy contemporary romance from Emem Bassey. The story is hot and heart-warming. Bass is a hero worth swooning over. I love the way he loved Agnes. Go and grab your copy. You will love it. A five-star read.

Title: Fine Maple

Author: Emem Bassey

Series: Age Is No Bother #2

Genre: Steamy Contemporary Romance

Trope: Older woman, younger man, Age Gap

Publisher: Love Africa Press

Release Date: July 31, 2020


Agnes is 37, never been married, has two kids for a man who left her to marry a woman who wouldn't add weight after childbirth, and owns a small pastry business she runs from her apartment. She is the description of what society calls an 'old cargo', a woman with kids whom no sane man would marry. She is okay with this reality and only lives to take care of her kids and grow her business.

Until Bass shows up at her door. He’s everything that’s wrong—he’s younger by seven years, he’s kind of an online celebrity, he’s her neighbour and her only friend’s cousin. It was a disaster waiting to happen but Bass thinks otherwise. Can Agnes dare believe his convincing words?



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As soon as she stepped into the baking supplies row, any idea of being careful with the sandals vanished.

This was her happy place—Heaven on Earth. If she had millions in her bank account, she would buy everything and try new recipes. With the array of products on display, perhaps, she would reduce the number of items she ordered from Lagos and Port Harcourt.

God, everything was so beautiful. Lost in a daydream as she stared at the different goodies, she jerked in shock when another shopper mentioned the time to a companion—4.20 pm.

Crap! She’d been away from home for two hours, and she still hadn’t called Mandy to explain.

She grabbed a jar of syrup and power-walked towards the payment counter.

Of course, the universe had to send a reminder to be more careful.

Her feet slid in different directions along the smooth floor. Her breath froze, arms flailing.

She was about to execute a graceless split, and she wasn’t a gymnast. The jar would break, covering her in a sticky mess, and worse, cutting her skin. Lots of people would be entertained or scandalised in real life and on social media.

Funny how the mind worked when faced with calamity.

“Got you,” a deep, male voice said.

The same moment muscular arms grabbed her hips from behind and steadied her.

Panting heavily, trying to suck air into her tightened chest, it took a few seconds to fully register her saviour’s presence.

His breath ruffled the hairs at her nape, his scent delicious.

Her mouth watered. A shiver tingled down her spine and butterflies fluttered in her stomach.

Was she reacting to the baking goods or to this guy? A guy she still hadn’t looked at and had no intentions of doing so.


Emem Bassey loves romance in all its glory, be it books, movies or music, especially when blended with action, adventure and magic, definitely with a plus size heroine. She staunchly believes that the world is already filled with too much tragedy, so she writes to entertain, to give relief and lighten the heart. She has written over twenty stories, most of them are published on Okadabooks. She is the author of the popular Duct series, Baby’s Angel and Unromantic series. Two of her stories are published in two Love Africa Press Anthologies. She lives at Uyo, Akwa Ibom State and is a ghost to her neighbours.


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