#BookRelease Playing For Keeps by AC Arthur #Romance

THE GAME CHANGERS When the world counted them out, they knew it was time to change the game. They’ve been friends since landing in the same group home when they were teenagers. Now, due to life altering events, they’re each forced to once again pull themselves out of the ashes in a quest to find who they were meant to be. The answer, now that they’re all back in their hometown of Providence—a small town centrally located between Washington D.C. and Alexandria, Virginia—is to stick together. By pooling their resources, the wayward town troublemakers are now owners of Game Changers, a sports bar where their goal is to make sure that the good times outweigh the bad. Except, the bad always finds them. Luckily, a woman will come into each of their lives, not only to challenge them, but to also bring out the best in every member of this group of Black men that nobody ever expected to succeed. This fall get ready for a small town with big city problems, boys growing into men and learning to stand their ground, strong women with their own goals and hearts full of love, and of course, hot and steamy nights! THE SERIES CONTINUES WITH PLAYING FOR KEEPS Delano “Del” Greer plays by the rules at all times. Especially after a scandal ruined his career at the police department and threatened to destroy his family’s reputation in his hometown of Providence. Now, he’s focused on establishing Game Changers as a  reputable sports bar. Once a staunch adversary of social media, Del puts the success of the bar first and gives it a try, using a fake name of course. When his trial run quickly lands him in a steamy online affair he’s happy to play along, until he learns that the woman on the other end of those hot text messages is his sister’s best friend. Working alongside her father at his auto body shop since she was six years old, Rylan Kent is the polar opposite of her beauty pageant winning sister. She’s been best friends With Terra Greer for about the same amount of time. So imagine Rylan’s surprise when she inadvertently learns the identity of the guy who responded to her drunken chat and continued to share explicit ways he could bring her pleasure. Now, Rylan has no idea how the temperamental and all-about-keeping-up-appearances Del is going to react when he finds out the woman he’s been talking sex with is actually the one he called “greasy-peasy” all through high school.   


ABOUT A.C. ARTHUR AC Arthur was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland where she currently resides with her husband, three children, grandson and an English bulldog named Vader. An active imagination and a love for reading encouraged her to begin writing in high school and she hasn’t stopped since.Working in the legal field for over twenty-five years, AC has seen lots of horrific things and longs for the safe haven of a romance novel. To date, she has written in several genres: YA paranormal (w/a Artist Arthur), small town romance as Lacey Baker, and sexy contemporary and paranormal romance. With intriguing plots and sexy love scenes, AC brings a new edge to romance!