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#BookRelease VEGAS NIGHTS by Unoma Nwankwor #contemporaryromance @unwankwor

Check out the latest sweet, contemporary romance from Unoma Nwankwor, Vegas Nights.

A woman scared of being hurt again is bent on playing it safe. A man determined to stay focused and never experience poverty again. One night on the wild side that changes everything.

Darius Gray Become a self-made billionaire by thirty. Love was never an option, acquiring the next investment was Deal after deal, I ferociously and ruthlessly operated with that mission in mind. Years later, mission accomplished. Today, I celebrate another chain of hotels under my belt and then I heard her voice... Mixing business and pleasure was never my style Going after her would be a mistake One I might just be willing to make… Safiya Nadar I used to live my best life One shattered heart, a bucket of tears and shame turned it into my worst life Now, I could care less what anyone said, love, and the risk it came with was overrated. If only I could get my bestie off my back. Tuh! That's easier said than done, so now we're in Las Vegas Three days, in and out, that's her promise. Nothing extra Until she pawns me for an exclusive, she's writing Just have drinks with him she said Twenty-four hours later... I wake up with a ring, a contract of two million dollars, And a man, who for sure would leave me with a broken heart and a bucket of Ben & Jerry's




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