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#ComingSoon A Little Bit of Love’s Magic by Bambo Deen #FFRomance F/F Books

Title: A Little Bit of Love’s Magic

Author: Bambo Deen

Publisher: Love Africa Press

Genre: Fantasy Romance, F/F Romance, LGBTQ

Publication Date: June 22, 2020


A young woman finds the person her heart desires with the help of a bit of magic. Noura is a young I.T. consultant whose weak point is her family. She is at that age when the pressure to get married has hit a new high, but she is not in love with her current boyfriend of three years. After losing a bet, she has to pay a visit to a babalawo in order to obtain a love charm. Despite initial scepticism, Noura follows through with the bet and obtains a charm that is supposed to lead her to true love. The instructions are straightforward, “use this charm and the first person you encounter afterwards will be the love of your life”. The only issue is that the first person Noura sees is another woman. Bewaji has just moved back to her family home after almost a decade in the United Kingdom. She is looking for nothing more than a haven where she can relax, paint and not think about the row that was the reason she left in the first place. Of course nothing goes as planned, barely a week since Bewaji has returned and her father is trying to play matchmaker. There is also the matter of the gorgeous Noura who seems to believe that she is in love with Bewaji.


Bambo Deen is a romantic grew up not seeing herself in M&B books she loved reading as child. She always wanted to write about lovers crossing paths on a bus to Abuja or about hot Africans making love under the canopy of the forbidden forest. She writes fantastical and paranormal love stories. Keep up with her on



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