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#ComingSoon Her Golden Eyes by Holly March #HistoricalRomance #Africa @MarcherWitch

Title: Her Golden Eyes

Author: Holly March

Series: Heart of Gold #1

Genre: Historical Romance

Release date: 30 March 2020


Medieval Morocco, 1195 CE, 591 AH...

Sabbah's neatly ordered life is about to be overturned. He is an important man in an important city who has been successful at everything so far, but can he succeed with love?

He should be worrying about a conspiracy to undermine Marrakech itself, but his beautiful new housekeeper is disturbing his house, his head, and his heart.

Tison is in a new city, and she is determined to control her own destiny. That destiny was not supposed to involve falling for her new master, or getting involved with a shadowy underground cell bent on anarchy.

The first medieval romance in the Heart of Gold series, Her Golden Eyes will captivate and intrigue.

“[Holly March] perfectly captured the struggle of a conservative Arabic man in love.” – Ahmad Fathy, beta reader

“I mega loved it. Tison and Sabbah are so wonderful together.” – Kiru Taye


Holly March has been telling stories all her life. She owes a great debt to the girls in the dorms, her RPG friends, and of course her family, who listened to her blather and read her fanfic. She lives on the welsh border and breathes the 12th Century. She did not discover she was autistic until she was 30 but has spent the years since saying 'yeah, that makes sense'. She lives with her parents, her familiar, and the other pets.



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