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Title: Spirit Call

Author: Emem Bassey

Series: Bond Call #3

Genre: Fantasy romance


Villainous Suleiman is in self-imposed exile to a cave, hiding in shame and nursing his defeat at the hands of his wronged niece, Amina. He awaits imminent retribution. However, it seems the deities have other plans for him in the form of a fated mate. Kadija is everything he doesn’t expect. Be he can’t deny the spirit pull towards her. Will the guilt of his past allow him to embrace possible happiness?

Kadija only wants to save her little village from marauders. She offers herself as a gift-bride to the leader of a nearby province that can help. However, the man in question is missing, and when Kadija finds him and discovers their bond, Suleiman rejects her. Burdened with the responsibility of convincing Suleiman of the need to save the province and in extension, her village, will she succeed?



Book 1 - Bond Call by Emem Bassey, featured in the Enchanted: Volume One anthology

Book 2 - Enemy Call by Emem Bassey, available FREE when you buy a copy of Enchanted: Volume One

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