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FRIDAY FREEBIE: Tangled in Sin by Shontaiye Moore #ChristianFiction #freebiefriday

Naomi Washington is your typical neighbor. An attractive, young, hardworking mother who'd you see in church any given Sunday. Despite her picture-perfect presentation, Naomi has a secret. Sinful actions led by greed have been threatened for exposure unless she agrees to pay to keep them buried. Unfortunately, to dig herself out of the mess that she's found herself in, she has to become even more tangled in sin. Instead of looking to God, Naomi continues to try and cover up her wrongs. Meanwhile, her life continues to unravel in all areas. Somewhere, Naomi has lost her way. How bad will things get before she realizes it and finds her way back on the right path? Find out in part one of the two part saga. Tangled in Sin.




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