HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS by Aisha Onekata #AfricanRomance #Sweet

Always excited to discover new African romance novels. Check out this one set in Abuja, Nigeria.



Sufyan Muhammad Al-Amin has always craved a simple life. Born into royalty, it’s the one thing he can never have. After the sudden demise of his elder brother under strange circumstances, his worst nightmare comes to be as he automatically finds himself next in line to the throne of a powerful emirate.

But he isn’t the only one with problems. Tammy Adebayo, an average class career woman can’t seem to keep her life from falling apart as she suffers from yet another heartbreak and loses her job too in an unending string of failures.

When a chance meeting brings these two from opposite worlds together, a friendship develops that soon turns into a beautiful love. However, trouble brews in the form of a scheming, manipulative ex-fiancée, and soon Sufyan is faced with the dilemma of choosing between preserving his family’s royal legacy and the woman he loves.

While he grapples with the choice of pleasing his heart or bowing down to tradition for the sake of family, his attempt at finding closure for the death of his brother eventually brings him face to face with a long-standing secret. One that threatens the safety of his family and could mean the end of their rule in the emirate.




“You’re a workaholic, Sufyan!”

Sitting alone at his favourite table of the cozy little restaurant he loved, Sufyan Muhammad Al-Amin frowned, pinching the bridge of his nose as he so often did whenever he was frustrated. It wasn’t the first time he was hearing that particular accusation from his mother. Coming from her, the words were usually mildly spoken, because she knew he could never change and had learnt to accept him that way. But tonight, those same words came out holding so much pain and disappointment, it was hard not to feel guilty.

He closed his eyes for a moment and spoke softly into his phone, as softly as he could manage given his present mood. “Umma, please. There’s no need to be dramatic. I’ve only been gone for two days. Just two days. The business isn’t going to run itself, you know.”

“You arrived from Port Harcourt only four days ago!” Samira complained. “Before that it was Lagos! Now you’re in Abuja again! Aren’t you going to spend any time at home again? Haba, don Allah!”

“Mother, this is nothing new. You already know the nature of my work.”

“For God’s sake, you are not the only one in that company!” she cried. “As CEO you can afford to take some time off once in a while—especially now when your family needs you the most!”

Sufyan sighed. He would be lying if he said he didn’t understand how his mother, a strong woman, the strongest he had ever known, had turned into one so needy and always demanding his presence. Mahmood’s death had left a lo