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Imelda: Lost But Found by Davida E Onuigbo #ChristianFiction

The story Imelda - Lost but found is an inspirational fictional tale about a gifted woman on a journey to self discovery. It's a tale of success and failure, trials and triumphs, of a woman becoming a person she never envisioned nor expected to be. The story of Imelda basically represents today's woman who against all odds and challenges the world throws her way including rape and career challenges manages to persevere till she achieves success. It is based partially on some of the author's real life experiences.



Davida Emem Onuigbo is a HR professional, a talented writer, poet, voice-over artist, television presenter and social media enthusiast among other skills and talents. Davida's basic values are integrity, creativity, loyalty, diligence, humility and respect for all. She is a respected wife and mother of two adorable children. Davida is loyal to family, friends and whatever causes or goals she commits herself to. Davida has volunteered her skills, abilities and time towards various charity causes including participating in a rally aimed at creating awareness on why it is vital for citizens to exercise their right to vote, working with NGOs to provide clothes, food and education among others. She has been involved in a project that brought about the production of Africa's first and arguably most influential audio book titled 'I'm a graduate now what?' She is passionate about writing and is inspired by her desire to influence the lives of everyone around her positively. She currently runs a blog - via which she has published enlightening, entertaining and inspirational articles. Her primary aim is to be a voice that inspires women, children and ultimately men to live above the issues life may bring through the power of Jesus Christ vested in all who believe in Him and accept Him. She is a Christian and loves music, reading and dancing.

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