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In the mood for an #interracial medical #romance? BEST FRIEND TO DOCTOR RIGHT @AuthorAnnMc

Who is in the mood for an interracial medical romance?

Check this out.

BEST FRIEND TO DOCTOR RIGHT BY ANN MCINTOSH Sometimes the deepest desire… …is the one you’ve hidden the longest. Realizing her world is dramatically falling apart, surgeon Mina’s childhood friend Kiah offers her a fresh start on the beautiful Caribbean island he calls home. She’s beyond grateful for his help in regaining the spirit and purpose she feared she’d lost. But when a long-denied attraction spills into their friendship, they must decide whether to risk everything on the breathtaking passion that’s quickly unraveling between them! AVAILABLE ON AMAZON | BOOKS2READ | HARLEQUIN ADD ON GOODREADS


When they landed and disembarked, she paused to take a deep breath of warm air, her spirits rising even more.

St. Eustace lay southwest of Grenada, just a little more than halfway to Trinidad, and was a little-known tropical paradise. Being back on the island, seeing the backdrop of lush, rolling hills in the distance, standing under the bluest sky imaginable, caused a bubble of happiness to rise into her chest.

Okay, so she had to admit the trip was a great idea. Not that she was inclined to share that information with Kiah.

But when she looked at him, caught him grinning at her, she realized he knew already.

Suddenly feeling like a two-year-old, she stuck out her tongue at him, and his smile turned to laughter.

They would have gotten through customs and immigration a lot quicker if every other person hadn’t stopped, wanting to greet Kiah, or Dr. K, as he was known. And every one of them gave Mina the once-over too, many outright asking who she was.

“This is my best friend, Mina,” he told one elderly lady, slinging his arm over Mina’s shoulder.

“Best friend? So when you getting married?”

Kiah laughed, and Mina smiled, too, but when he replied they really were just friends, the lady flapped her hands at them.

“If you find a best friend of the opposite sex, and you love them, you need to marry them. You think is so easy to find that?”

Then she stomped off, grumbling under her breath about the younger generation not having any sense.

Kiah and Mina chuckled together, and she couldn’t help teasing him. “You’ve been saying that ‘She’s really just a friend’ thing for more than twenty years. Aren’t you tired of having to repeat it?”

Kiah squeezed her shoulders. “Ha ha. But yes. Sometimes. Especially when people give me that look, as though there’s something wrong with me for having you as a friend.”

He was navigating through the crowds as he spoke, steering Mina along with his hand, which was now on her back.

“I used to get that at university, too.” She sent him a mischievous, sideways look. “But you must have realized that, since the other women on my dorm were always all over you when you came by.”

Kiah pushed his lips out and twisted them to the side in impish derision. “I used to tell them I planned to steal you from Warren, just to get them off my back. Besides, at this point, I don’t dare get married to anyone else. No woman would stand for me having not only a female for a best friend, but a beautiful one to boot.”

Her heart clenched, and for an instant she was overcome with the ridiculous wish that he’d meant it, and they could go back in time so he could save her from marrying Warren.

But he was just joking, so she replied, “That’s the most sexist thing I’ve heard you say in a long time. You should be ashamed of characterizing all women that way. Besides,” she added, giving him another sidelong look, “that’s just an excuse. You darn well know that’s not the reason you don’t have a girlfriend.”

“Oh?” he said, letting her go to fish out the car keys from his pocket. “So what’s the real reason, Miss Smarty-Pants?”

“It’s because any woman you’re interested in would have to be intelligent, and if she is, she’d be too smart to be with you!”

“Damn,” he said, staggering away from her, clutching his chest. “Straight through the heart.”

And they were still laughing together as they got the luggage and then themselves into the car.

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ABOUT ANN MCINTOSH Author Ann McIntosh was born in the tropics, lived in the frozen North for a number of years, and now resides in sunny Central Florida with her husband. She’s a proud Mama to three grown children, loves tea, crafting, animals (except reptiles!), bacon, and the ocean. She believes in the power of romance to heal, inspire and provide hope in our complex world.




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