It is love at first sight | FINE WINE @ememjamesbassey #Romance #AmReading

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Chapter One

“So, you’re saying younger men are useless?”

Sifon groaned with a smile, rolling her eyes at her best friend. “That isn’t what I meant. Older men are referred to as fine wine for a reason. I equate age with sensibility and a certain level of panache when wooing a woman, but it all depends on taste and what a person wants at the end of the day.”

“In other words, younger men are useless to you,” Dora concluded, chuckling when Sifon sighed in exasperation.

“Whatever, you’ll never get it,” she muttered, looking at the finely dressed people at the pool party she’d have wanted to avoid except Joshua; her business partner, and Dora’s boyfriend, had booked rooms at the exquisite Manny Resort.

“I’m just teasing, Sifon, I get it. I might have been shocked three years ago when you first confessed your preference, but I’ve gotten used to it. I still believe you prefer them oldies because you’ve only been exposed to stupid younger guys. Besides, since you came out as a silver fox lover, I’ve never seen you with one. Sometimes, I’m tempted to assume you said that so that I would stop hooking you up on blind dates with gorgeous young men. You need to find one oldie soon, or we’ll be back to hooking you up. I have a whole line-up of gorgeous, eager, young guys, even you won’t be able to resist.”

Sifon was left staring at her friend with open-mouthed amazement. She knew Dora could carry on a conversation with herself for hours but each time she experienced it, amazement was still part of her reaction.

“You done?”

Dora giggled into her wine glass. “I’m sorry for going on and on. I’m just really eager for you to date. I don’t understand how you exist without the kind of happiness Joshua gives me as a boyfriend.”

“Okay, no more drinks for you,” Sifon said in exasperation, pulling the almost empty bottle of white wine to herself. Dora was a lightweight, and she had the propensity to talk more than usual when she was tipsy.

“Good idea,” she burped, giggling while flailing her hands in front of her face, as though waving off an offensive smell.

Sifon shook her head with a smile and caught the eye of a waiter, waving him over to order a cold bottle of water for her friend. It wouldn’t do for Dora to be sloshed by the time Joshua was ready to get down on one knee.

“It’s a good thing Joshua got us a table. I don’t envy these girls standing in high heels,” Dora grimaced, looking at the crowd around the pool.

At least, she wasn’t slurring. “Speaking of Joshua, where is he? He asked me not to leave early tomorrow as he wanted me to meet some sort of investor for breakfast.”

Dora frowned at her. “Why would you want to leave early tomorrow? It’s Sunday. Or, are you going to church?”

“That’s all you got from that question, eh, Dora? Even though I’m not going to church, I need to prepare for Monday. Besides, I would’ve gone to church if your boyfriend hadn’t booked rooms at this awesome resort just to celebrate his birthday.”

Dora grinned, “He’s a giver.”

Sifon chuckled despite rolling her eyes at how happy her friend was with her man. “I agree.”

“Even more so in bed. He...”

“TMI, Dora,” Sifon interrupted without even looking at her friend. Her peripheral vision caught her pushing out her tongue. “I can still see you.”