Maybe the spark of attraction will develop into something magical @JL_Campbell #KingofEvanston

Shaz Bostwick’s personal views and business ethics collide when Camilla Gibson walks into his office, seeking his help. The treatment her daughter needs is available in Chicago, but Camilla is almost out of time and has several issues working against her.

Raised as an immigrant, Shaz knows the heartache of family separation firsthand. In a race against the clock and the authorities, he calls in favors but receives a disturbing offer. Let baby Ayanna slip through the cracks in exchange for a handsome reward. Fed up with politicians and businessmen with too much money and too little scruples, Shaz and his fellow Kings of the Castle band together to stem the flow of illegal adoptions, while they solve the mystery of who wants their mentor dead. Camilla Gibson has traveled the world in her capacity as an adventurer, sometime model, and blogging celebrity. In her eyes, the charming, but tough lawyer is her last resort before deportation. Shaz is smart and tenacious, with renowned negotiating skills and a reputation for making a way when there seems to be none. If she can get past the biggest crisis in her life, then maybe the spark of attraction that sizzles between them will develop into something magical.

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