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MEET THE AUTHOR: Amaka Azie author of MY BOSS'S SON #Romance @amakaazie

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Love Africa Book Club (LABC) interviewed author Amaka Azie (AA) whose latest book, My Boss's Son is out now. Check it out below.

LABC: Welcome to our blog. Our readers would like to know how long you've been writing.

  • AA: My first published book was in 2016. So, I’ve been writing for 6 years.

LABC: That's great. So what made you become a writer?

  • AA: As a teenager, I loved romance novels, but found very few with African main characters—people who looked like me, whom I could Identify with. It made me long to write love stories celebrating black love.

LABC: We love black love over here. Following from the last question. Have you always wanted to be a writer?

  • AA: Yes. From the time I was 12 years old when I joined the press club in my secondary school. I wrote a lot of short stories I passed around my classmates.

LABC: Now onto your latest book. Who was your muse for your book (if any) and why?:

  • AA: Chiwetel Ejiofor was my inspiration for Justin Igwe. He is a British-Nigerian actor and I love his swag. For Adanna, I didn’t really have a muse. I just pictured her character and created her physical appearance from that.

LABC: Perhaps you've been asked this before, but our readers are curious. Do you write from experience?

  • AA: Most times, I don’t. I have a vivid imagination. I’m certainly not as bold and adventurous as my characters.

LABC: Hahaha. Another nosy question here. Are your stories based on real people?

  • AA: No. But I do get inspiration from social media a lot. That’s why I love gossip blogs. It’s a shameful secret of mine. I spend time on Instablog Naija and Linda Ikeji’s blog more than I should.

LABC: That's interesting. Do you have hobbies? What do you do when not writing?

  • AA: Painting. I enjoy sketching and splashing colours on a canvas. I also love travelling but haven’t travelled much in two years due to covid.

LABC: That's wonderful. Now, let's talking about your writing space. Many writer write whereever they can. Do you have a dedicated writing space?

  • AA: Yes! Finally, my family carved a place for me in the house. It’s a small corner in the large dining room. I call it my writing cave.

LABC: Awesome. So when you write, do you write on paper? Typewriter? Computer? Tablet?

  • AA: On a computer and my tablet.

LABC: You talked about family earlier. How do they feel/know about your writing subject matter?

  • AA: I have a supportive family. My first daughter helps me with my book covers. My sister, Ogo is an avid romance reader and I bounce off ideas with her. My parents are also very supportive. I’m blessed to have them all rooting for me.

Thank you Amaka for taking time to answer our reader questions.


Amaka Azie is an award-winning writer of romance fiction set in tropical West Africa. She explores the beauty and intricacies of the continent in her sweet and sensual love stories.

Born and raised in Nigeria, West Africa, she developed a passion for reading at the age of twelve. Her interest in writing began in secondary school when she joined the press club. Her active imagination has captured the interests of many.

Her books showcase bold and exciting female and male main characters with compelling storylines

She was named one of the most influential authors under Forty by the Nigerian Writers Awards (NWA) for the years 2017 and 2018.

Apart from getting lost in creating fascinating fictional characters, Amaka enjoys reading, painting and travelling with her family.

She lives in the United Kingdom with her husband and daughters where she also practices as a part-time family doctor.

You can interact with Amaka Azie on the following platforms:


Title: My Boss's Son

Genre: Contemporary Romance


Adanna Ezenna needs this promotion. What’s more, she deserves it. But after a workday from hell, her chances look grim. So, when some joker, posing as the lead actor in a hit British television series, slides into her Cupidess dating app DMs, her response pulls no punches. Her career, not romance, is on the agenda right now. Besides, no way could the lying fraud be the man for her, right?

Justin Igwe is in Lagos searching for his biological father. A bitter breakup has left him sour on love, but a savvy guide around town could aid his mission. So, he puts his profile on the hip, new dating app Cupidess. And bingo, there she is— totally not his type and knows the city like the back of her hand.

Now, if he can only convince her he’s not a con. Easy enough. The hard part? Keeping his unexpected attraction to her in check.


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