NEW BOOK ALERT: Beautiful Mess by Mukami Ngari #NewAdult #Romance

Updated: Jan 21

Title: Beautiful Mess

Author: Mukami Ngari

Genre: New Adult/College Romance

Publisher: Love Africa Press

Release Date: January 18, 2021


Makena and Daniel meet at the beach and a whirlwind romance begins.

But the past comes calling when she finds out that her father murdered Daniel's dad. The only man she loves is the one she can never be with.

Is their love strong enough to overcome the dark past?

Content warning: sexual assault.

Tropes: boy meets girl, celebrity loves commoner, different worlds, first love, forbidden love, love at first sight, athlete/sports, Cinderella/class warfare, fish out of water.

Editorial review:

Right from the start the reader connects with Makena’s initial naivety and cheers as she combats each challenge life throws at her and grows into a strong young woman. Daniel is the dream boy from a different class who sweeps her off her feet. Yet they are connected by a dark past that threatens to ruin it all. This story is beautiful and heart-breaking and so worth the happy ever after.


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Makena is arriving at Benford today.

I examine my new haircut in the dressing mirror before heading down to my car. My phone beeps.

Hi, can I come over tonight?

Lynn needs to chill.

I ended things with her three days ago, but she acts as if she doesn’t understand what I mean. Her text clearly shows she is still in denial.

What we had isn’t really a relationship. We used each other for our own selfish reasons, and now it’s over. I delete her text and block her number. I don’t want any distractions today.

It’s the first day of the September semester. First-year students like Makena arrive today. Continuing students like me are reporting back next week.

I park my car near the admission block and look towards the gate at the new faces trickling in. A few students are pointing at my red Porsche Cayenne. I lean back in my seat, although the windows are tinted.

An hour ago, Makena texted that Wanja put her in a bus, coming straight to Benford. She will arrive any minute now. I look for a beautiful girl in a cotton dress and long hair and a sweet smile. Just the thought of her makes me smile.

As if on cue, Makena walks through the gates. I look twice. She looks scrumptious in the blue jeans that outline her curvy hips and a white tank top that hugs her tiny waist. It’s like she looks better every time I see her. I’m spellbound, and for a moment, I can’t process my thoughts. She drags a suitcase in one hand and carries a brown envelope on the other.

She looks around, her brows squished in confusion. She stands under the bougainvillaea tree, and the purple flowers fall all around her and on her feet. To my enthralled eyes, everything is in slow motion.

A skinny idiot approaches her from the back.

I shake my head, get out of the car, and quickly walk towards them.

Makena smiles when she sees me. She points me to the idiot, and he scrambles away.

Good for him.

I crush her into my chest and hold her tight. She smells fruity, like a sweet peach, and I linger a little more before letting go.

“I broke up with Lynn.” I’ve been waiting to give her the news.

“Hi.” She gives me a shy smile.


“I love your new haircut,” she says.

“Thank you. You look beautiful. Are you ready for campus life?”

“Yes.” She looks around, anxious and eager.

“Then come with me, Miss.”

First, I drag her suitcase to my car. Then I stand in line with her to register.

“This is a beautiful place,” she remarks.

This is one of the dullest places I know. I think of all the beautiful places I want to go with her. “I will show you around when you are done registering.”

“Thank you.” She smiled.

When she is happy, it makes me incredibly happy. This is the one girl I want to impress, hard.


Mukami Ngari is from Nairobi, Kenya. She is the author of the critically acclaimed novel, Pharaoh’s Bed. She enjoys telling sweet passionate romance and women fiction stories set in Africa. When she is not writing or reading, she enjoys practicing yoga and watching supernatural T. V shows.

Follow her on her social media account to connect with her and to find out about new releases.