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Enemy Call by Emem Bassey


(Sequel to Bond Call by Emem Bassey, featured in Enchanted: Volume One anthology)

Defeated warrior chieftain Aku seeks help when his people are terrorised by the stench of decaying corpses and apparitions of the dead. However, the solution to his problem comes in the form of a dreaded, mythical water-nymph, a mamiwata, who also happens to be his fated mate.

Amina is a powerful healer who runs from home, determined to prevent her uncle’s decimation of peaceful villages. Except, her fated mate is a chieftain of one of those villages who needs her help.

Is their bond strong enough to overcome the obstacles of a blood feud and an existing betrothal?

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Chapter One

Aku, great warrior and chieftain of Ukuku, had been defeated by the infidels.

It was the first of its kind, that he’d suffered so many losses. His chief wife, mother of his first seed, had lain beheaded by the bamboo prison that had corralled Sese, the warrior maiden, twenty days ago. Not that he was fond of the woman, but she’d been his wife, albeit a forced marriage seeing as she’d been his father’s wife. Ironically, she’d been the first to conceive and birth a son.

Perhaps, if he had not been obsessed with being the most powerful chieftain ever heard of in the east, if he’d not been obsessed with producing a crop of warrior maidens; if he’d been thinking sanely and stayed to defend his village, Aku would have had a kingdom to return to.

However, he’d been incensed when one of his warriors had intimated him of the disappearance of, not just the warrior maiden he’d been coveting, but also the sacred stone. It didn’t matter that he’d no idea how the stone worked or that he’d been slightly sceptical about the prophecy of siring female children with warrior bodies, Aku had gone after Sese because of pride.

She’d had thousands of fight claps on them as his tracker had discovered she’d fled on one of the beasts the infidels rode, far faster than running through foliage. Nevertheless, Aku was furious, which meant he was madly determined to conquer her. Without prior planning, he left in the middle of the battle and went after her.

He’d not been thinking. How, by the gods, had he thought the remaining warriors would defend Ukuku?

It had taken him and his five warriors seven days to catc