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NEW BOOK ALERT: Ethan by @DelaneyDiamond #BlackRomance

Have you seen this? Delaney Diamond has a new book out. Ethan is the first in a new Black Romance series. Check it out.


Sometimes love isn’t enough…

At the age of seventeen, Skye Thorpe lost her parents and yearns for a family of her own, and she’s certain Ethan Connor is the one to give it to her. After all, they’ve been together for seven years. One night, she broaches the subject of marriage and learns the devastating truth. Ethan has no intention of marrying her.

Ethan married young and learned the hard way what it was like to be betrayed by the person he loved. After a bitter divorce, he promised himself he would never allow another woman to wreck his life again. So when Skye mentions marriage, he quickly shuts her down.

To get the life she craves, Skye has no choice but to end the relationship and walk away. But can she really walk away, if Ethan won’t let her go?



They pulled up in front of the hotel, and before Halston could leave the driver’s seat to open the door, Ethan’s foot hit the pavement in anticipation of seeing Skye. He received unprecedented pleasure from watching her simply walk toward him.

She exited the doors, and he drew in a deep breath. After a rough couple of days, seeing her loosened the tightness inside him. The frustrations of the day faded and he immediately relaxed.

Skye Thorpe was a tawny-skinned goddess in an eye-catching cape dress in cranberry-red with gold heels. The red matched the red in his tie, thanks to the diligence of his personal assistant.

Her thick, lustrous hair was swept up on top of her head, and gold hoops adorned her ears. She had the type of body traditional media frowned upon, but he found irresistible as she came toward him with the sexiest damn walk he’d ever seen on a woman. His eyes ate up every curve of her voluptuous body—a body with breasts, ass, and hips galore. She strode toward him like the entrance was a runway, and he tossed around the idea of skipping the party and taking her to bed since they hadn’t seen each other for several nights. He longed to plant his hands on her wide hips and take his time sucking on her luscious breasts.

She’d put a spell on him. There was no other way to explain how, after seven years, she continued to capture his attention simply by making an appearance, much like she did the very first time he’d seen her in the hotel bar. She’d been upset and disappointed because some loser stood her up, and he’d become the luckiest man on the planet when he rescued her from a disappointing night.

Skye sidled up to him—a smile on plump red lips as inviting as a siren’s song—filling the air around them with the scent of her perfume. He slipped an arm around her back and drew her close, gazing down into her dark brown, upturned eyes.

She laughed, knowing he intended to kiss her, because he always did whenever they spent time apart. He had to kiss her. He had to touch her. He had to experience the full power of Skye.

“You’re going to mess up my lipstick.”

“Reapply it.”

He fastened his mouth over hers, kissing her with passion and the assurance of knowing this woman belonged only to him. He let a hand slide lower in a possessive grab of her bottom. Halston remained silent beside the car, eyes respectfully averted.

Skye moaned, and that little sound sent an electric charge straight to Ethan’s groin.

When he lifted his head, he still didn’t let her go. He pressed his hard length into her soft belly. “I hate I have to wait to get you home. It’s been too long.”

“It’s been two days,” she pointed out, a smile of pleasure brightening her face.

“An eternity,” he said.

“And whose fault is that? You’re the one who decided to stay at the office last night when you could’ve been here, in bed with me.”

“Too distracting, but maybe that means my priorities are all screwed up.”

“Yes, they are, but I forgive you.”

She swiped her thumb across his lips, removing the lipstick transferred from her mouth. “And please, shave all of that off as soon as possible.” She slipped into the car.

“Yes, ma’am,” Ethan said with amusement, following her.

Halston closed the door behind them, and they were on their way.



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