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Title: Fading Face

Author: Jonah Igwe

Genre: New Adult Fiction

Trope(s): Coming of age, college, love triangle

Release date: 19 November 2021

Tagline: Will the small-town boy give up love for big city riches?


After his father’s death, gifted Nnamdi must grow up fast and succeed with his studies to make a better life for himself and his mother. His long-term friend, the beautiful and graceful Udo, has always been by his side. They promised to stick together and share a future. However, his ambition and the lure of distant opportunities threatens to drive a wedge between them. Soon she could become just a fading face in his memories. Is he willing to give up his old love for new fortunes?


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Nnamdi was ready for everything, adorned in his newly bought white singlet and wrapper knotted at the waist with the tail flying just below the knee. He walked towards his uncles and cousins, but a hand touched his left shoulder.

Turning, he saw a smiling, pretty face. His jaw dropped unconsciously as he faced the most beautiful girl in the town. His heart thought so, anyway.

Udo looked different in the fading evening sunlight. Her eyelids and eyebrows were beautifully lined with tanjele adding tenderness to her stare. Her hair was a twisted pompadour updo and well adorned with red beads. Pieces of delicate wrappers covered her waist and chest, leaving bare other parts of her body. There were beautiful uli drawings on her smooth arms and sleek small ankles.

For the first time, Nnamdi saw her sensuous body in its entirety. Her breasts were full and graceful, her belly trim and flat. Her fleshy bottom led to smooth, spotless legs.

He was astonished at how seductive she was. He relished the sight and allowed the pleasure of it all to tickle and gratify his senses. He held forward the edge of his wrapper to conceal the evidence of his desire for her.

“Udo, you… you are here,” Nnamdi stammered as he reached out and held her left palm.

Her hand was cold and moist, and he squeezed it.

“I can’t be anywhere else,” she replied with a smile. “Not when you are being initiated.” The two stood facing each other, and Udo cast her gaze on his face. The eye contact dissolved him, and he lowered his head.

“Many of the girls are here to win your heart,” she teased him.

He briskly raised his face to protest. “You know that’s not true.”

Still smiling, she added, “You’re the most desired young man in Umuchi.”

Her assertion made him quite uneasy, and he lowered his head again, casting his glance on the ground between them. Udo immediately noticed his uneasiness and squeezed his hand again as if to reassure him.

“Well, I’m here to ensure that no one takes what’s mine,” she told him with renewed energy.

Nnamdi was relieved. “You’ll always be the one.”


Igwe Jonah is a writer, educator and educational consultant. He studied Economics and lives in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Igwe loves romantic fantasies. When he is not writing, you can find him spending time with his wife and daughters, reading or watching TV.

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