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NEW BOOK ALERT: Falling For Her Bad Boy Boss by Zee Monodee #Romance #Africa

The Island Girl: 3 sisters in Mauritius trilogy by Zee Monodee is complete!

Title: Falling For Her Bad Boy Boss

Author: Zee Monodee

Series: Island Girls: 3 Sisters in Mauritius

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release date: February 5, 2022

Tropes: Office Romance, enemies to lovers, opposites attract


Middle sister in the Hemant trio, Neha Kiran, has always done the ‘right’ thing society asked of her. She’s never rocked the boat but ends up a widowed single mother to her three teenage children. Yet, if only this were the wave she has to contend with…

Enter Logan Warrington, former heavyweight boxing champion from New Zealand and Neha’s boss at the station where she takes a job. While neither can deny the intense attraction sizzling between them, being together feels like a dangerous yet thrilling game of Russian roulette. Emotions, desire, forbidden love—what’s good-girl Neha to do when her heart starts to whisper louder than propriety deems acceptable?


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She rolled the car over a speed-breaking hump and allowed the vehicle to emerge onto an asphalted area. The sea appeared within arm’s reach, boats and fishermen’s dinghies swaying to the rhythm of the gentle wind and waves. The deep sea lay in the distance, about two hundred yards from the beach, its big waves crashing onto the coral reefs sheltering the lagoon. To the far right, a break of about fifty yards in the corals allowed boats to pass into the high sea.

Neha spotted a steep incline at the end of the asphalted parking bay, leading to the grassy area bordering the beach. She stopped her gaze on Logan’s matte black BMW X6, the one she’d seen in the parking of the cyber tower in the space reserved for their office’s director.

Easing her car until she reached the massive SUV, she cut the engine and stepped out, her sandal-clad feet landing with a muffled thump onto the humid sand.

The overwhelming iodine tang of sea salt assaulted her nostrils, along with the heavier, denser smell of dead corals and algae. She sneezed a few times, her eyes blurring with tears. A sharp wind picked up, blowing her loose hair into her face.

As she pulled the strands back and blinked to clear the tears from her eyes, she caught sight of a man swimming towards the shore. The visual rooted her to her spot.

With his arms tense and bulging with muscles, Logan sliced through the water with almost impertinent ease. As he approached the beach, he pulled himself up to a standing position, the seawater running down his fit body like beads of sparkling crystals. They rolled over his broad chest and taut abdomen, losing themselves in his dark swimming trunks before finding a path to earth over his powerful, thickly muscled thighs and calves.

She gulped back. He had an arresting body, as captivating as his rough virile face. Every pore of his breath-taking tanned skin oozed sensuality and a promise he burnt with an even hotter fire inside. A fire that could scorch a woman and consume her spirit and soul when he made love to her.

A darker area of his body caught her attention, a complex tattoo covering the upper part of his right arm. Neha exhaled a soft puff of air. The intricate weaving of thick lines were etched in a tribal design from his elbow to the dip of his collarbone.

He is tattooed! She ran the tip of her tongue out to moisten her dry lips. Drat, she could picture herself running her hands over the beautiful artwork, tracing its curves and sinews with the pads of her fingers.

She didn’t realize she’d started in his direction until the distance between them disappeared like ice melted under a hot, searing sun. Every step she took drew her to him like an invisible rope tug binding her to his presence. Within seconds, she stood in front of him.

Being up close gave her a magnified view of how the beads of water lingered on the sprinkling of dark blond hair on his chest. Her riveted gaze trailed over him to his face.

The tautness of his jaw curled a whisper of apprehension in her stomach, and like the first time she’d seen him, his intense eyes bored into hers, hard and fiery.

Her mouth went dry under his penetrating scrutiny.

“What are you doing here?” he asked softly.

Too softly.

“I … I had to talk to you.”



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