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NEW BOOK ALERT: Glory Unbound by Deborah L King #womensfiction @@deborahloi

Glory Unbound by Deborah L. King (Glory Bishop, #2) Publication date: December 14th 2021 Genres: Women’s Fiction


IN THIS SECOND BOOK of the series, Glory Bishop has finally broken free of her mother’s oppressive grasp and is offered a new life by a seemingly altruistic Chicago socialite, but there may be more than good intentions at play. Against the advice of trusted friends and family, Glory chooses the protection of Malcom Porter, her adoring, much older, bad-boy-turned-minister fiancé. Thrust into a gilded world of wealth, society and privilege, Glory struggles to overcome the guilt of loving her new life. The whirlwind of 1980s designer clothing, penthouse views, and first-class travel is a far cry from her former existence. With this new reality, comes unexpected complications and temptations. As she struggles to remain true to herself and her fiancé, Glory wonders if she will ever truly feel at home in this new world. Follow Glory Bishop in her continuing search for freedom and independence, as she once again strives to be her own savior. Add to Goodreads Purchase from Amazon EXCERPT

Glory waited for the bickering women to notice her while Mrs. Beyers wheeled the cart toward the fireplace. “See, I knew she’d be up.” The housekeeper began setting out breakfast on the coffee table in front of the armchairs. “Probably starving. That bit I gave her last night knocked her right out, and she didn’t eat a thing.”

Anita floated forward and took Glory’s hands. “Don’t you look simply breathtaking this morning. So much better than last night. I hope you like the ensemble I picked out for you. It so complements your beautiful complexion.”

Glory felt a blush rising and tried to hide her face, only then noticing that her attire was a soft-pastel version of the ensemble Anita wore.

“Oh, no!” Anita reached out and lifted Glory’s chin. “If you plan to be a Porter woman, you will hold your head up and accept a compliment. If you must blush, you may dip your head slightly and fan your bosom, but we do not hide our faces. Understand, Precious?”

Glory smiled a little. “Yes, ma’am.”

“The proper response is, ‘Why, thank you, Miss Anita. I love it. You have such wonderful taste.’ Now you try.”

Glory took a deep breath and giggled. “Why, thank you, Miss Anita—”

“Fan your bosom, sweetie, fan your bosom. That’s a good girl.”

Glory tried to fan her bosom, but a fit of giggles overwhelmed her, bringing tears to her eyes.

“Miss Anita, please stop!” Mrs. Beyers chided. “Let this girl have breakfast.”

“Okay, enough bosom fanning for now.” Anita laughed, taking Glory’s hand and leading her to the armchair with her apple blanket. “I know it doesn’t seem like it, but I can get a bit silly, and I’ve always wanted a daughter.” She spread the blanket across Glory’s lap. “So you’ll forgive me if I overstep, won’t you, Precious?”

Mrs. Beyers placed a platter of catfish, grits, eggs, and toast in Glory’s lap. “Yes, Miss Anita. I’ll forgive you,” Glory said. She couldn’t stop smiling even as she said grace and dug into her breakfast, surprised at how hungry she was.

“Good, good.” Anita took her seat in the other armchair. “So, tell me the truth, Precious. Are you and my son having relations?” Anita accepted a plate from Mrs. Beyers. “This looks simply wonderful. Gimme a dash of hot sauce before you go, please.”

AUTHOR BIO: Deborah King has been a writer and storyteller her whole life. She published her first short story when she was seven years old. When she’s not writing, Deborah enjoys cartoons, cooking, photography, and Star Trek. Born and raised in Chicago, Deborah has managed to achieve all of her childhood dreams and still lives in the area with her husband and two youngest children. According to her daughter, she has “literally aced her life!” Author links:



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