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NEW BOOK ALERT: Legally Speaking by @MosunmolaRose #romance

Keep reading for the full chapter one from Mosunmola K Rose's latest romance book, Legally Speaking

Chapter 1

Getting ready was always an exercise in concentration for me. I looked in the mirror and scrunched my face at the summer tube dress I had put on to counter the Houston heat and decided against it. I was supposed to be heading out to the first of the weeklong celebrations for my big cousin turned near best friend. Somehow, my third cousin was the one that took me under her wing when I came to America after winning an oil and gas scholarship from Nigeria to complete a masters in petrochemical engineering a few years earlier. She was turning 30, and her husband had decided her birthday was going to be a week-long affair; he had planned a whole week of events in the Dominican Republic after the day’s barbeque.

As I was a self-respecting individual, I admitted to being unable to make it to the international party. I had just come out from under the books. I had finally finished two masters – the one I initially left Nigeria for in oil and gas and a second for an LLM, which I also received a full scholarship for. I had most recently passed the Bar exams in Texas and was still job hunting. Me being me, Elizabeth, the living in truth child of my parents, was open with Kunbi, my cousin when I told her I couldn’t make the Dominican Republic portion of the trip. Still, I would be willing to help out with the barbeque event in their house as best as I could. She agreed and allowed me to cook and bring over my signature jollof rice and some seasoned chicken which they could throw on the grill. I had been cooking rice and prepping meat for the past 2 hours or so, and as you could imagine, I would have rather crawled back into bed at that point. I stripped off the dress, looked at my underwear-clad form in the mirror and wondered what best to wear that wouldn’t look like I was calling too much attention to myself. I knew Kunbi’s husband’s friends would likely be there as he was in the oil and gas sector and older. It could potentially help my job options, I thought to myself as I looked in my closet again. I would also probably spend some time on the grill and helping out, so I took out a pair of denim shorts. They covered my bottom and were respectful enough but allowed my legs to breathe. I laughed, remembering my nickname in secondary school, Lizzy long legs.

If only some of those people could see me now at 26, I was 5ft 9, caramel skin with a US size 10 body. I wasn’t a small woman by any standards, but I was well proportioned. At least I liked myself; my hips and butt were prominent, but my frame appeared just right with my height. I decided on a white button-down shirt which looked like I had stolen it from some man’s closet, rolling up the sleeves almost to my elbows. I unbuttoned the first two buttons for some sex appeal. I took off my headscarf, made sure my crown braid looked neat and fastened some studs in my ears. I put my tiffany necklace with the heart-shaped pendant on my neck and smiled at my reflection. I felt more comfortable and quickly lined my eyes, running a dull pink lipstick across my lips and puckering them.

I grabbed a small black crossbody and placed my cellphone in it as I went ahead to the kitchen and made sure the two foil pans of seasoned chicken were properly packed. The secret to my chicken that I never disclosed to anyone was that I often marinated my chicken with heavily seasoned yoghurt, which always made it crazy juicy and tasty. I quickly placed the chicken trays in large shopping bags and took them to my Ford Focus, placing them in the trunk. I went back into my apartment and grabbed the rice and a clean apron as I headed out of the door, ensuring I had on my intended footwear of white gladiator sandals.

On arrival at Kunbi’s at 2pm, folks had already started milling around. I took the food straight into the kitchen as I greeted all my relatives and went to seek out the birthday girl. “Hey Kunbs, happy birthday doll. How are you?” She looked to me from the couch she sat, “tired, Lizzy, tired. All the prep, Tombra offered to get a caterer for today, I should have listened to him, but I was being cheap.” “Kunbi, sometimes you amaze me; you should have definitely agreed to it. You know he can more than afford it,” I teased her. I sat with her for a bit, before I spoke, “let me go put some heat under the rice and see what else needs to be done. I can also start grilling some chicken.” She shook her head as I rose to give her a hug and go about setting things up.

Running into Tombra in the kitchen putting away drinks. “Hey Lizzy, how now? Your cousin has all of us doing menial labor.” I laughed as I hugged him and took a can of mikes lemonade from him. “Aah thank God Lizzy, you brought food, at least I know your chicken is banging, something to look forward to.” I laughed again. As he spoke, “Kunbi told me you passed the Bar, congrats. Are you ready to start working now?” “Yes oh, Tombra, at least it’s time to start earning. My days of being broke need to be put far behind me. All schooling is done; now it’s time to make the dollars, ya know.” We both laughed. “I will introduce you to some of my friends that have inroads at their companies. In a month or two, I am sure you should have real solid offers.” I nodded and gave him a thumbs-up. I hoisted the foil pan with rice in it and headed outside to come back in for the chicken.

The music was bellowing from the outdoor speakers Tombra had set up. I smiled as I walked to the service station, which overlooked the lake in the backyard. It was hot as sin, but I already knew it was going to be a good day. I saw one of my cousins setting up a picture corner, and I went over to hug her. “Lizzy, is this your face? You have just forgotten us for the past few months.” I smiled again; these people sha, “you know I was trying to finish my LLM and take the Bar. Please don’t be angry. I promise, I have more time now; we can play catch up,” I said as I hugged her. She shook her head and kissed me on the cheek.

The guests began to arrive around 3pm, and I noticed him almost immediately as he walked in, pulling what looked like a cooler of drinks. I looked at Kunbi, who caught my interest, “Lizzy, don’t even think about it. That’s Tombra’s friend, and he is not very stable.” I laughed out loud, “ahn ahn Kunbi. Can’t I look again? I didn’t even say introduce me or anything. And how do you know I am looking for stable?” My words shocked even me, she continued, “Pere is complicated, he is nice, but he has trust issues. His ex-wife tried to pass on her lover’s child as his, so he is very wary of relationships.” I nodded as I took in the Pere character. He had to be about 6ft tall; he didn’t seem much taller than me. He had a head of hair that looked recently lined and a full beard. He was pure chocolate in that devastatingly handsome masculine lady killer kind of way, the definition of TDH (tall, dark, and handsome). He pulled the cooler behind him and headed towards us; Kunbi nudged me when she saw me staring at him openly.

“Kunbs, happy birthday darling. Big 30 huh? I have some drinks here. Where can I put the cooler?” “Thanks, Pere. I will show you where to put it. I hope my fave Moet Rosè is there oh?” Kunbi leaned over to open the cooler and gasped, “Pere, you brought a whole cooler of Rosè?” “I asked Tombra what to bring, and he said drinks, so I figured you and your girls would enjoy champagne,” he said, looking genuinely clueless. His eyes caught mine at that point as he took his glasses off. “Kunbi won’t you introduce me to your friend?” I looked from her to him. “Lizzy, meet Pere, Tombra’s childhood friend. Pere, meet Elizabeth, my cousin.” I rose and stretched out my hand and saw his eyes roam from my head to my toes as he quickly came back to meet my eyes. I smiled as I took his hand in mine, “nice to meet you, Pere.” I looked to Kunbi, “let me get the chicken and place some on the grill.” “I can’t wait to eat your chicken Lizzy,” Kunbi said as I turned around to walk away. “Me too,” Pere offered to my back. I guess we would find out, I thought to myself. The day was shaping up to be interesting.


Legally Speaking by Mosunmola K Rose

About the Book:

Lizzy Babatunde is nothing short of brilliant and accomplished in her professional life. However, her love life is a different story entirely. Liz gets herself into a “situationship” that she knows is doomed from the start, exploring a dead-end situation with Pere Dagogo- Fineboy. Pere a notorious Houston based lady slayer with commitment issues is intent on a no strings attached situation. Approaching 30, Lizzy out of desperation succumbs to external pressures and plunges herself headfirst into a commitment as she agrees to an engagement to Kole Olanipe, one of Lagos’ most eligible bachelors. Does she grow to love Kole?

Adult: 18+

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