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NEW BOOK ALERT: Love on a Mission by Jomi Oyel #Romance #NewAdult @oyeprincessjjay

We have a new release from the staples of Love Africa Press! Check it out.

Title: Love on a Mission

Author: Jomi Oyel

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Series: Love Notes #1

Trope: Rivals to lovers, new adult, only one room,

Release date: 23 July 2021

Tagline: There’s a thin line between love and hate.


Youth Corper Nicholas Afolabi wants to be retained at his Place of Primary Assignment. But, unfortunately, his beautiful opponent, Anita Owoyeye, is vying for the same position. Soon tension ramps up between them, and things become challenging. Then their boss sends them on a mission together, and Nicholas realises there’s a thin line between love and hate.



The sour expression on Anita’s face made Nicholas happy. It probably made him a bad person to know that she hated the situation and died a little having to sit next to him on this ride.

But he would take his thrills in whatever forms they came, considering the next five days was going to be hell for him.

His amusement vaporised. With each breath he took, he inhaled Anita’s scent, a light, sweet fragrance like vanilla that filled his lungs and tingled down his spine.

Would she taste as sweet?

The beep-beep of a car horn jarred him out of the thought. What was he thinking?

The caustic Anita Owoyeye was not a dessert treat to be savoured.

It was just her perfume that was trying to mess with his head.

He should open the windows. But it would mean forfeiting the fresh AC for hot, humid air while they were stuck in this traffic only halfway through the journey. Not a good idea.


Jomi Oyel was born and raised in Nigeria. She is an author of African romance novels that invades readers’ hearts and leaves a positive impact. When she’s not writing, she can be found feeding off her obsession with romance by reading romance novels.

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