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NEW BOOK ALERT: Love Prey by Tidimalo Motukwa #AfricanRomance

OUT NOW—Love Prey by Tidimalo Motukwa, a heart-warming contemporary romance about love and friendship.


·        Once-bitten, twice-shy

·        Women in STEM

·        Friendship/sisterhood

·        Office romance

·        Contemporary romance

Setting: Botswana



Past experiences made Amogelang close off to love and people. However, after losing her job, circumstances force her to open her home to new housemates. They become sisters who help each other navigate the tribulations of life. Soon, she secures a new job, and there’s a possibility for romance when she meets her new boss, Thobo. But old habits die hard. Will she finally release her fears and allow herself to take a chance on love?


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Short blurb: Amogelang secures a new job, and there’s a possibility for romance when she meets her new boss, Thobo. But old habits die hard.



Amogelang froze, mouth agape as she stared at the gentleman occupying her seat.
Dark-skinned and well-groomed in his fitted grey suit, he was drop-dead gorgeous. Or something to that effect.
The man glanced at her, eyes dark and compelling.
Her breath quickened, and hairs on her nape and arms stood straight. Was that thud-um, thud-um sound her heartbeats?
Then he looked away, returning to his breakfast as he swiped through his notepad. Dismissing her as if she didn’t exist or was inconsequential.
Amo stiffened, clenching her palm around her phone and struggling not to growl at him to vacate her chair. She was in no mood for arrogant men. Now she had to find another seat?


Tidimalo Motukwa is an aspiring social entrepreneur and an Industrial Engineer from Botswana. When she is not busy devising efficient, effective processes or monitoring and controlling projects in the mining and construction industry, she does what she loves the most: writing short stories. In 2009, she entered the Bessie Head writing competition, and her story ‘Invisible Scars’ and other runner-up stories got published with Pentagon Publishers under the winning story/book titled ‘The Moon Her Eyes and Other Stories’. She looks forward to writing more inspiring and empowering stories.  


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