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NEW BOOK ALERT: Magic In The Moonlight by Dria Andersen #PNR @ItsAAndersen

The Black paranormal romance queen, Dria Andersen is back with the next instalment of the Georgia Arcana series, Magic In The Moonlight. Chapter one here. Grab your coffee/tea and get reading.


There were precisely two sounds in Israel Black’s office. The drumming of his fingers as he awaited an answer to a question that needed no posing…and the whimpering that was already getting on his nerves. The two shifters in front of him traded looks before sneaking another glance to the corner of his massive office.

Another whine.

Israel narrowed his eyes on the owner of that whimpering, a look that shut the noise down with the quickness—satisfied that he could receive his answer with no further distractions— he gave his undivided attention to the two males in front of him. Though powerful, the two lion shifters in front of him were merely low-level enforcers, fodder, really, which is why they’d been sent to get the answers to his most pressing question.

Where the hell was his wife?

Israel stopped the drumming and waited… The first shifter cleared his throat. “We found her, sir.”

Satisfaction filled him, but none of it showed on his face. “Then why is she not here with me?”

The two shifters —who he and Eli had dubbed ‘the twins’ since they started working with him at the same time—shared a look between them, the nervous glance his first hint that he was going to be pissed. They once again looked towards the corner.

“She’s protected,” came their answer.

Fury rose at the thought. Who would dare take something of his? “By who?”

How he managed to sound calm was anyone’s guess.

“The Taylor pack.”

A tick in his jaw was his only reaction. But the men who had worked for him for a while understood what it meant. They took a slow step back with another glance at the last person he’d sent looking for his wife. That male was currently stuck in his leopard form, leashed and muzzled. It was a great reminder of Israel’s views on failure. Another whimper sounded, and Israel lifted his hand and twisted. But, he soon realized that the choking sounds were no better than the whining. He released his hold on the leopard’s airway and went back to drumming his fingers against the desk.

He needed to think about this latest development. On the one hand, his wife was protected from his enemies. On the other hand, her retrieval became that much trickier. He knew the Taylor pack. She would be protected on their territory. No one left Taylor land alive unless under their express permission. For now, he could use that to his advantage.

Israel had a hundred things that needed attending to on his desk. A few dozen enemies to sort through to figure out who was striking at him, and yet, he was getting ready to chase down his errant wife. It was annoying, to say the least. From the moment he’d laid eyes on Audrey, an impulsiveness he was not known for had gripped him. Her power had called to him, and the woman herself was a siren he couldn’t look away from. Their whirlwind weekend, up to and including their impulsive marriage, had been out of character for him. When he saw something he wanted, he took it and then discarded it when done. With her, he had a ferocious need to own her, possess her. It kept him up for long nights before he finally approached her.

He thought things had been going well with them, but then she’d run off. He didn’t know why, but she had promised herself to him, and he would make her keep that promise. No matter how rash it had been.

He had no intention of allowing her defiance any longer.

He pressed the button for his secretary. “Have my plane ready.” He instructed when she answered. He turned his attention to the twins. “Set up a meeting with Jeremiah Taylor. He’s their current alpha, yes?”

They nodded.

“We land in Georgia in two hours. I want that meeting when I land.”

They scrambled from the office to do his bidding. Israel gathered his suit jacket and walked out, his primary enforcer flanking him the moment he entered the executive elevator.

“Jet should be ready by the time we arrive, Lucky,” Eli informed him.

Israel grunted, having no doubt. He paid people amply to be where he told them to be. He got into the sleek town car idling right at the elevator, Eli entering the back seat behind him. Israel tapped his fingers on his thigh, his only outward sign of aggravation.

“You sure this can’t wait, boss?”

He turned his head to his head enforcer. “So long as my wife is out from under my protection, she’s a liability and thus a threat to us.”

Eli nodded. “We should have no problems landing in that territory. JT took out Jedidiah.”

Once again, Israel found himself impressed by the wolf. He’d had dealings with the Taylors before and had never had any doubt about their power or ruthlessness. To take out a powerful rootworker like Jedidiah, though. That was a feat. It seemed the young Taylor had learned a lot from his father. He looked forward to seeing him again.

“How many enforcers you think we can get away with on Taylor territory?” Israel asked.

Eli sighed. “The Taylors don’t even play the radio. We’ll be lucky if we can get the twins in with us into town without starting anything.”

Israel wiped a hand down his face in aggravation. He only had to deal with the wolves for as long as it took to get his wife back.


Magic In The Moonlight by Dria Andersen


Audrey Marks could admit that an impulsive marriage to a dangerous warlock wasn’t a good idea. She’d learned her street savvy at an early age, and wasn’t much that could put fear in her…except the feelings developing for her new and not exactly legit husband.

It should’ve been a relief when she discovered his betrayal, it certainly gave her a reason to run. But, she was coming to find out that there were two things she couldn’t escape: her family’s curse…and Israel DeLeon.

Israel DeLeon is a warlock, and though he wouldn’t necessarily call himself evil, others would probably disagree. He had never cared one way or the other about it…until he met her.

His intentions with Audrey hadn't always been pure…but, she’d promised herself to him and he would make her keep that promise.

Getting her to trust him again would be an uphill battle. But, he knew what she wanted above everything: a chance to free her family from the curse that had plagued them. Could he convince her to accept his help?

After all, the best magic is performed together…under the moonlight.

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